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#rockbox log for 2022-03-29

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01:41:46_bilguswell that kinda sucks I was hoping to just pull in the rb plugin struct o function pointers but instead I have to stub them all out to individual trapped functions in the vm interpreter maybe I can come up with some perl magic for that but in addition..
01:42:56_bilgusit appears lcc is one of the few stack based compilers and puts out intermediate bytecode that the vm is expecting
01:43:45_bilguslcc is not FOSS but tinyc is and it appears that someone did the leg work of stripping out all but the essential options
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01:44:45_bilgusI guess I'll keep pressing forward to at least get an idea of the speed (slow?) of the vm
01:45:40_bilgusthere is alos picoc that runs as a interpreter of a subset of c99
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01:46:19_bilgusthat might get me what I want but in a more clunky and even slower method
01:48:12_bilgusoh and ontop of all that you also lose optimizations as I don't think any of these compilers support them
01:51:06_bilgusmaybe instead I could make a plugin that does all the init stuff and have it pre loaded in the bin at compile
01:51:45_bilgusthen once the plugin exited itd be possible to overwrite it
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17:43:56smithjdwho would i speak to about posting a code review? i might have had my review push privilege dropped, not sure... i used to be able to post reviews. :/
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21:21:05dconradsmithjd, probably speachy?
21:21:39dconradhe was asking about posting a code review or something
21:24:30dconradoh btw, I don't know if you saw but I think dual-boot erosq native is close
21:24:43dconradit works well on my player at least
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