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#rockbox log for 2022-04-02

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07:07:17_bilgusugh smithjd I didn't realize you removed those inline checks for pointer validity
07:14:10_bilgusspork it would be pretty easy to parse and replace that on device with a short lua script
07:44:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 43abe2d820, 303 builds, 9 clients.
07:45:26_bilgus^^ we need to check those pointers for NULL before we dereference them and crash
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09:15:24chris_sIt looks like you end up with duplicates in the database after scanning the disk if the root direct file contains just a slash (since it will scan both / and /<microSD0> in that case, each with the same contents).  Can anyone confirm?
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09:25:34chris_sI guess you can change the database setting to select a new root (just like it was discussed for the playlist catalogue earlier)
09:26:50_bilgusi was under the impression duplicates would be weeded out int the tagcache?
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09:27:55chris_sdoesn't seem like it
09:38:03chris_sit's really nice to quickly switch between different builds, each with their own settings, using root redirect though :)
09:42:33dconradspeachy (logs), could we put an eros q bootloader build on the server? I've got it here:
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10:25:18spork_bilgus: that sounds like a good use for a little script indeed
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10:28:24sporkcreating playlists on the device is not a problem either, except for having the agree with the virtual keyboard on the q1
10:28:53sporkbut it is no trouble at all, the redirect has many upsides for me
10:31:12sporkchris_s: is that not easily fixed by not putting only a slash in the redirect file ?
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10:32:50chris_s@spork sure :)
10:52:17_bilgusspork you can load your own kb
10:54:39_bilguspretty sure you just write letters in the right width and mark the end with a (double lf?) might be a special utf8 char
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11:49:27amachronicspeachy: could you put updated m3k & q1 bootloaders on the server?
11:49:37amachronicbuilds here −−>
12:07:14spork_bilgus: yes, but it is touchscreen that is the issue
12:07:46sporkit is not easy to use yet
12:08:09sporka different layout might improve it but only slightly
12:08:34sporki should try it on another device
12:10:17sporkin 3x3 mode it is just managable
12:12:45amachronici found a old proposal to improve the keyboard a while back
12:15:12amachronicfrom the discussion on the forum thread it seems it was decided to be "too complex and not worth the binsize"
12:18:53amachronicor just plain too hard to implement with the code back then :P
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23:58:54_bilgusthat looks pretty nice amachronic I might try my hand at that, I was actually thinking some auto-complete functionality would be nice even if it were basic like a word list using lang file

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