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#rockbox log for 2022-04-06

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11:11:13speachydconrad: that filename is a bit awkward. I renamed it:
11:11:30speachythat's actually a symlink to:
11:12:16speachyI'll be happy to change that to something else
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11:19:47amachronicspeachy could you get new m3k/q1 bootloaders up too?
11:19:57speachysure, links?
11:21:24speachyhow/where do you want me to put them? under the tarball hierarchy or split out like the others (ie manuf/model)
11:21:39amachronicthe current hierarchy is fine
11:21:51speachycurrent meaning what's already on the download site?
11:27:02speachyok, have a look. I moved the old ones to their own datestamped directory
11:27:26speachynew binaries for jztool?
11:27:46amachronicnope, the old ones should still work
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11:29:30amachronici was thinking that moving jztool out of the m3k tree would make sense, but there doesn't seem to be an existing place for tools.
11:29:54speachyd.r.o/tools ?
11:30:35amachronicsounds good to me
11:31:52amachronicok, now I'll have to go and unbreak all the links :)
11:33:02speachyI can leave symlinks in place
11:33:15amachronicprobably a good idea
11:34:52amachronicon another note, I finally got that web-based jztool that 'astrolabe' contributed a while back up and running on gh pages.">
11:35:49amachronicdo you think it would be valuable to host it under as well?
11:36:27speachyI think it's valuable to keeep everything useful under the umbrella
11:36:56sporkvery clever that web version
11:36:58speachydunno if it makes sense to just host the whole thing under www
11:37:15speachybut it could be added to www.git?
11:37:43amachronicit's a single HTML page and one .js file so it should be pretty portable shove it into www.git under um, /jztool?
11:39:49amachronici guess
11:40:10amachronicwhat exactly is the templating system used by the www site? i see cpp directives...
11:41:15speachyI think it's just CPP.
11:41:37speachylike so many other things the site predates all of these fancy-schmancy template engines. :D
11:42:14amachronicokay, so I could probably dump the .html as a .t file under /jztool and it'd get the site theme?
11:42:32amachronici'll have to try that later.
11:43:13amachronicfunnily enough this is actually the easiest install method on windows since it avoids all the zadig driver crap
11:43:22speachyyeah, strip out the header stuff in favor of #include "head.t" / "foot.t"
11:43:41speachybut it's probably not worth the hassle right now IMO.
11:43:52speachyyeah that zadiq driver stuff is annoying.
11:49:44amachronicum, the erosq bootloader should be unzipped.
11:50:21amachronicthere's a bootloader.erosq inside
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12:07:48speachywhoops, fixed.
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13:40:34MarcAndersenHi. Does the speaker work on the zen xfi 2 or sfi 3? I know it works on the xfi, but I don't have it anymore. If it does, the xfi 3 would be the best choice, right?
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18:47:13dconradspeachy: thanks!
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19:27:51hactartrying again, is there any way to theme scrollbars?
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22:34:42hactar i can't seem to make these tags work
23:02:09_bilgushactar, is the example in there what i'm supposed to run to repro your issue?
23:07:51hactar_bilgus after i couldn't figure out how to use %LB to draw a custom scrollbar, i tried using the conditional form to see if that worked, like %?LB<%dr(60,60,60,60)>
23:08:01hactarto no effect
23:08:56hactari also noticed that that set of tags are not present in the tag catalogue in the manual, which i have discovered to be a better reference in my explorations
23:21:55_bilgusgive me a while
23:47:41_bilgushactor does this work for you? %LB(0,0,10,185, invert)
23:48:09_bilgusI get it to work in fuze+ sim and on my clipzip
23:49:21_bilgusnow the conditional Idk
23:53:19_bilgushactar, rather

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