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#rockbox log for 2022-04-15

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01:58:26rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d56d96031c, 303 builds, 7 clients.
02:24:05rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1539 seconds.
02:24:57rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d56d96031c result: 144 errors 67 warnings
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05:10:01MyFairJulieknock knock
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05:25:15MyFairJulieDoes anyone know how to build a custom plugin? I set up the development environment and made a source file for my plugin, but i don't know how to build that plugin.
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07:26:32sporkadd the .c file name to apps/SOURCES
07:27:05sporkapps/plugins/SOURCES even
07:40:12MyFairJulieThere is no sources subfolder in apps and apps/plugins
07:41:25sporkit is a file
07:42:22MyFairJulieI see
07:42:46sporkyour .c file goes in apps/plugins and the filename in apps/plugins/SOURCES
07:43:39MyFairJulieI see
07:43:48MyFairJulieMake now recognizes my c file
07:54:23MyFairJulieThank you :)
07:54:55MyFairJulieI'm gonna start working on my little Wordle clone for Rockbox :D
08:00:33sporkdid you switch away from something other than cygwin ?
08:06:03MyFairJulieI used the Ubuntu machine
08:11:10_bilguswell crap
08:19:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ff08841ea9, 303 builds, 8 clients.
08:21:04_bilgusMyFairJulie, don't forget to add your plugin to the CATEGORIES file as well to get it showing in the plugin list (no extension & no space after the comma btw)
08:24:32MyFairJulieI see, thank you :)
08:25:33MyFairJulieLittle question: Are there any constants available for screen height and screen width? I'd like to make Wordle at least compatible with all iPod versions.
08:25:50MyFairJulieOr Wheeldle. Because Clickwheel input :D
08:32:18_bilgusi'd say look at some of the plugins existing but yes there are screen height constants
08:33:24_bilguseverything else will be supplied by the plugin struct open plugin.h to see the list of available functions exported from core
08:34:10_bilgussee plugins/lib for helpers for the hairly aspects
08:34:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 938 seconds.
08:34:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ff08841ea9 result: All green
08:37:36_bilgusno malloc beign the biggest part but it can be emulated using the compatibility helper lib stdio_compat.c
08:45:35_bilgusoh sorry I was thinking malloc was covered in there I guess we emulate malloc by using TLSF ontop of the static plugin buffer
08:54:06sporkwordle plugin will benefit from the keyboard work
08:55:47gevaertsMake sure to think of a good name. All fine to call it "a worldle clone" now, but I suspect actually naming the plugin that is asking for problems later
08:56:32MyFairJuliespork I have an idea for the keyboard
08:56:54spork_bilgus has been reworking the virtual keyboard
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09:55:22speachyheh, 'rockle'
10:19:18MyFairJulieI feel more like "Wheeldle" considering i primarily target iPods buuuuuut why not. Rockle sounds nice.
10:23:55speachysince so many of our other plugins try to include rock in their name
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10:26:24MyFairJulieThen why is it that we didn't name Doom "Room"? It's epic! :P
10:26:36MyFairJulieIt's Rockbox + Doom :D
10:26:38gevaerts"rock" may be a bit overused, but I'm not sure focusing the *name* on a subset of players is a good idea. You might not want to deal with other players right now, but if it ends up in the tree someone will!
10:26:56MyFairJulieI was just joking :D
10:27:31gevaertsWheeldle does sound nice though. Decisions... :)
10:28:04speachysounds too much like wheedle. :)
10:28:25speachywhich may be a bit prophetic
10:29:04_bilgusgevaerts, I was hinking the same lol
10:29:06speachyNYT seems to be quite aggressive in going after "inspired imitators"
10:30:03gevaertsIndeed. As I understand it the gameplay is fair game, but keeping styling and name fairly different is probably smart
10:30:09MyFairJulieWould be too late now anyway. So many people made clones, i'm certain that you can't easily protect this games.
10:30:40MyFairJulieAbout styling tho... Maybe it's a good idea not to use original wordle colors
10:30:45speachythe less similar the name, the better
10:30:54MyFairJulieRockle sounds defo good
10:31:25_bilgusthe WIP patch on gerrit is about 1/2 there on the keyboard, its got most of the functionality working now, I still need to workout the wsitching between picker, menu & editline
10:31:31gevaertsI don't know the details, but my understanding is that in many jurisdictions *gameplay* is not protected. Also wordle is identical in gameplay to earlier games anyway, so in this case that doesn't even matter
10:32:16_bilgusyou can also provided a custom keyboard for your plugin, see announce_status.c
10:33:59gevaertsBack in the distant mists of history before my time the current Rockblox had a different name. That name got complaints from rights holders
10:40:02MyFairJulieI think i'm gonna whip up my own input so that i can easily display which characters were correct etc.
10:41:13_bilgusin that case checkout the owner draw function for lists
10:41:45_bilgusyou get all the helpful scrolling and logic and get to draw your own styled text
10:43:17_bilgussee lib/printcell_helper for an extreme example
10:45:05_bilgusbeing that you aren't timing constrained it might be worthwhile to explore doing this in lua it'll get you up and running a lot faster
11:07:33MyFairJulieCan i write something in the output console from my simulator? Like, does printf() work?
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11:47:49blbro[m]Name it "5chars" :)
11:49:36*speachy snickers.
11:51:25gevaertsSo one int and one char? :)
11:53:48MyFairJulieOkay, i hit a little roadblock. I made a struct to store in the available characters and whether the guess was correct or not. I created a loop to generate all the characters (i didn't want to add 26 structs representing the characters by hand). Now i want to display the characters on screen. However when i run rb->snprintf() to copy the text into
11:53:48MyFairJuliea char[] to display it later with rb->lcd_putsxy(), the simulator crashes with SDL_WaitEvent().
11:53:49MyFairJulieWhat am i doing wrong?
11:53:50DBUGEnqueued KICK MyFairJulie
11:53:50MyFairJulieFull code is here:
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13:01:08Zephyr83Hi, I have an issue getting rockbox onto my sansa clip+, it keeps giving me a "could not write" error when i try to install the bootloader, any idea what this could mean? Would be much appreciated
13:01:27Zephyr83came here a while back but had my screen crash at the time so i had to take care of that first
13:05:09Zephyr83This is the error I get:
13:06:38Zephyr83is it related to the firmware version i downloaded perhaps? I got the newest one but also tried the one before that
13:08:25sporkno, it is an issue with rockbox utility 1.5
13:08:42sporkuses 1.4.1 for the bootloader if you need to install the bootloader
13:09:31sporkthe rockbox utility issue is fixed but no updated binaries have been released yet
13:10:26Zephyr83ah ok
13:10:36Zephyr83so what should i do? get 1.4.1 then?
13:10:40Zephyr83will try that
13:10:43Zephyr83cheers man
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13:16:04Zephyr83You have no idea how many hours Ive struggled with this, thanks a lot man, it's finally working
13:25:00bluebrotheractually, that issue hasn't been fixed. I'm currently looking at it. A different issue (but appearing similarly) that affected other Sandisk players has been fixed the other day.
13:25:36bluebrotherright now I have a fix, but it's rather an band aid, and I'm not sure if that will cause other unwanted side effects. So trying to understand what broke it. It's somewhat weird.
13:25:56bluebrotherbut anyway, you can use 1.4.1 for the time being. Hopefully I'll get that fixed in the next couple of days.
13:27:02sporkat least you know people are using your work, bluebrother
13:27:13speachyif only due to the complaints. :D
13:27:34bluebrotherthat's the problem with releasing stuff. People don't use it unless you put a release number on it :)
13:27:50bluebrotherand then things break and people complain. Well. That's how it is.
13:28:13sporkthey do not complain about the lack of effort
13:28:50sporkit is nice to see how much people still want rockbox
13:28:58bluebrotherwhat effort? The one writing up unusable reports? ;-)
13:30:07sporkno no, your effort
13:31:10bluebrotherI do have efforts? Oh noes! :D
13:31:26sporksome of the complaints were very typical indeed
13:32:20spork1.5 works on windows 11 too btw
13:32:53sporkexcept for the known issues
13:50:26bluebrotherthat's nice to know.
13:59:42_bilgusMyFairJulie, maybe tempchar needs to be two chars to hold the 'A terminating null character is automatically appended after the content written.'
14:01:45MyFairJulie_bilgus I'm afraid that didn't help
14:39:24_bilgusI will probably add that to the example plugins on the forum
14:39:35bluebrotheroh, wow. That player build info from server rework broke it. Well, that caused a crash which I tried to fix, and with that fix made it not crash anymore but still broken.
14:43:22bluebrotherturns out a missing entry (which is the case for ipods as bootloader filename on the player) was previously returned as an empty string, then converted to a list, which had one entry. Now an invalid QVariant is returned, which is converted to a list, which is empty. And now the mountpoint is not properly set, and for other players the code that defaulted was removed. Oops.
14:48:58MyFairJulie_bilgus Make is complaining on my end:
14:48:59MyFairJulie             case ACT_DOWN:
14:49:11MyFairJulie             case ACT_DOWN:
14:49:19MyFairJulieStupid IRC
14:49:28MyFairJulieerror: expected expression before ‘:’ token
14:52:32_bilgusoops remove the colons in the #define
14:52:48_bilgusI moved them from the switch
14:54:38_bilgusI also forgot left_repeat and RIGHT_REPEAT
14:54:57MyFairJuliewhat are left and right mapped to on an iPod
14:55:15MyFairJulieOr what key do i have to press on an iPod to cancel?
14:55:27_bilgusi think long press center
14:55:43_bilgusI don't do iPods sorry
14:56:04_bilgushave a look at keymap
14:58:57MyFairJulieI can't find any PLA_ line in there
15:00:12_bilgusoh thats in the lib
15:02:06MyFairJulieFound it
15:04:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 90960adf56, 303 builds, 8 clients.
15:04:38bluebrotherok, got that bootloader install issue fixed. Now for more testing and creating 1.5.1. But I'll leave that for tomorrow.
15:05:43MyFairJulieI wonder: The config keypads only refer to iPod until Gen 4. Are the later iPods also represented by IPOD_4G_PAD?
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15:07:46chris_sMyFairJulie: yes
15:08:55MyFairJulieWhere can i find the keymaps for the simulator?
15:09:09_bilgusgood qyestion
15:10:05_bilgusmy goto is using the rb_info plugin and mashing keyboard buttons
15:13:33MyFairJulieTIL the rockbox simulator requires the Numpad. Something my gaming keyboard doesn't have and that i didn't think i need. Craaaaaaap. I mean i can mess with the keymapping but still.
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15:15:05_bilgusvirtual keyboard?
15:23:01MyFairJulieVirtual keyboard doesn't help because someone had the idea to map the exit function to play and select. Btw. counter-intuitive considering that you can consistently go back everywhere on the original OS with the Menu button and i can press Previous to go back in Rockbox menus.
15:23:54MyFairJulieAlso did anyone get the note that not every system comes with a numpad and there are tenkeyless keyboards out there?
15:27:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1427 seconds.
15:28:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 90960adf56 result: All green
15:48:00MyFairJulieOkay, it turns out there was a keymapping independent of numblock. It's set up in key_to_button. Which makes me wonder what these button_mapping classes are there for.
15:50:54_bilgusstruct button_map? that defines the regions for the sim buttons on the device bitmap
15:52:09MyFairJulieYeah, i tried that. Didn't work.
15:52:48MyFairJulieAbove the structs is the key_to_button function. It seems like only that is relevant for the mappings in the simulator
16:16:59MyFairJulieWordle is starting to take shape:
16:19:31MyFairJulieI'm gonna try it in the 1st Gen iPod Simulator :D
16:20:10MyFairJulieI'm curious whether the text on my not-keyboard is still readable on a 1st gen
16:55:52MyFairJulieLittle question: Once i'm done with Wordle, how do i merge this with the original Rockbox repo?
16:56:03MyFairJulieGithub has a read-only copy
16:59:15MyFairJulieI tested my current Wordle build on Gen 1 and It suffice to say that it's nooooot optimal yet:
17:04:51MyFairJulieIs there a little function i can use to make the iPod click like on the original OS?
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17:16:32speachyMyFairJulie: (specifically the "Setting up Gerrit" section)
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18:25:30_bilgusand the plugin struct has keyclick_click
18:26:40_bilgusalso be aware the sim might be an approximation of the device like it works in there but not on device or formatting might be off etc, different arch and compiler version too
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