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#rockbox log for 2022-04-17

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01:46:30_bilguschris_s yeah sure enough 'SOMETHING' is setting tht flag
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06:21:23bluebrotherQuix: the actual "iPod Classic" are 6G and 7G, not the older ones. Later the term "Classic" was mixed up ...
06:21:59bluebrotherall Ipods up to 5.5G have a diagnostic menu. Reset the Ipod, then Select+Left. No idea about one of those real "Classic" ones, never had one.
06:22:52bluebrothersince the Ipod loads its software from disk Rockbox does the same thing: replace the stuff on disk. As such it's almost impossible to brick it with Rockbox, since you'll always have the original disk mode.
06:23:17bluebrotherno idea what you want with ripping the rom though.
06:39:01QuixI want to rip it since it has extra stuff not found in a normal diagnostics mode
06:39:36QuixThis is an RMA unit which never had its original diagnostics mode removed. It has a bunch of expanded features, and I just want to make sure it gets preserved
06:41:05QuixI just am unsure on whether or not rockbox overwrites anything with the rom, I've installed rockbox countless times and I've always assumed it wouldn't do anything to the rom
06:41:46QuixI got a board a while back which was the 2nd known one to exist but right as I plugged in a hd with rockbox the iPod kept whitescreening and would never boot no matter what I did
06:41:58QuixEither it died on the way to me, or rockbox did something funny
06:42:56QuixHere is the iPod in question:
06:44:17QuixIts not that I'm unfamiliar with how iPods work, I just don't know if rockbox will do anything the ROM data, since I'm going to be dumping it and using iPodFlasher to put it on another iPod
06:48:22QuixI've edited roms before (compiled rockbox on my own using someone's rom flashing tool to do some sn swapping for clickwheel games, but thats another mess of a story)
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08:40:49sporkrockbox would affect the bootloader
08:41:22sporkwhich is probably part of what you call ROM
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10:58:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6703f43f5c, 303 builds, 7 clients.
11:01:22_bilguschris_s it was un-initialized memory in the viewport flags, the other existing flags set or unset explicitly my new flag did not
11:02:04_bilgusnow there is a VP_DEFAULT_FLAGS define
11:09:40amachronici triggered the bug last night and today tried compiling the sim with ubsan to catch it
11:09:59amachronicunfortunately we're so full of UB the sim won't even compile :(
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11:18:51_bilgusthat fits right in with it being a reasonable facsimile of targets :p
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11:37:55_bilgusamachronic you spent quite a while on that write up I got the high level idea I think, you want to make it a mmap compatible software layer for the native targets and hand off the inbuild one on hosted
11:40:47amachronicyeah, and mmap is the critical bit of glue between memory management and I/O that's needed to implement buffering.
11:41:03_bilgusit will be a file backed page cache ? does that mean it could then be snapshotted and allow faster startups?>
11:41:49amachronicthat is a neat idea but is reading many tiny files at boot really a bottleneck for rockbox?
11:42:37_bilgustrue vs a big one
11:42:44amachronicwe'd still have to check timestamps etc. to ensure the cache wasn't out of date
11:43:10amachronicwe could cache the FAT table in an mmap as well which'd surely help
11:43:33_bilgusI guess my only concern would be the overhead introduced by being the new middleman
11:44:57_bilgusbut I imagine it would NOT be noticeable to the end user except stuff very close to not playing as-is
11:46:01amachronicfor the buffering case it would probably be very slightly more overhead but not a lot, I imagine
11:46:25_bilgusthere is already a lot so it might just shift the dynamic
11:50:02amachronici/o speed is probably not a problem for playback except maybe high bitrate WAV files
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11:50:30amachronicit's locking that concerns me
11:55:08amachronicthat seems to be MMU based?
11:57:06_bilguslikely I think its x86 but the mmap gives a god overview of the interface
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11:58:29amachronicack, that should've been obvious.
12:03:08amachronicum, it's one of those conditional lang strings
12:08:37_bilgusI'll have to study this a bit more before I get any deeper insights
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13:28:55chris_s_bilgus: (regarding the viewports) interesting :)
13:29:14chris_samachronic: *sigh* sorry about that, I thought about renaming the string, too, but totally missed the fact that it was conditional
13:30:04chris_sWith regard to snapshots: Would that make it possible to quickly reload the state of the dircache and tagcache (in RAM)? Having both enabled (with a lot of tracks), it can take well over a minute for scanning to finish (even though scanning for each, individually, only takes a few seconds), at least, on older devices like iPods.
13:30:39chris_sWhich is why I actually have dircache_search() always return 0 on my own players. I feel like that gives you most of the benefits of both features, but with a significantly shorter scanning time if the database's "Load to RAM" is enabled.
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20:32:32hactaris there a reason the database menu can't be translated?
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