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#rockbox log for 2022-04-18

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05:17:12MyFairJulieI'm setting up my own VM for building Rockbox. The 2016 Ubuntu VM is giving me too much of a headache. Anyway the rockboxdev script takes veeeeeery long
05:18:30MyFairJulieI could've just done ARM targets but i wanted to be compatible with every architecture :D
05:23:28MyFairJulieMe: "I wanna set up the dev environment to support all platforms. How much time do i need?" "Yes."
05:54:41sporka modern vm or wsl work very well
05:54:56sporkno need to using something ancient
05:55:36sporkand setting up the cross-compiler does take time indeed
05:59:46MyFairJulieUbuntu was not only ancient, it was sloooooooow
06:01:33MyFairJulieThe start menu was horribly slow. I attached the terminal to the dock in order to save what felt like few minutes of time.
06:02:16MyFairJulieBtw, the included browser failed really hard:
06:04:10MyFairJulieIt flipped to the side for some reason and when i closed it, it crashed VirtualBox
06:22:35MyFairJulieMy minty fresh development machine
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06:51:24braewoodsI wonder if there would be value in officially sanctioned developer sandboxes.
06:52:34braewoodsonces reachable with SSH
06:52:57braewoodsmight be easier for people to not have to setup the environment locally
06:53:38braewoodsI'm going to consider that after my rental server upgrade
06:59:06MyFairJulieYou could set up a docker image and using PlayWithDocker you could indeed host a build environment for Rockbox for people
07:02:08braewoodsI have a dedicated server with spare IPv4. I'll see what I can do later.
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08:48:52speachyIMO having generally-available compute resources available isn't wise. If anything we can provide a self-contained VM image for folks to run on their own local systems.
08:51:07MyFairJulieYou mean like that Ubuntu image you did in 2016 that nobody updated afterwards? With the slow Unity shell?
08:51:29MyFairJulieYour next VM should use Xfce or something similarly light
08:55:06MyFairJulieLittle unrelated question: I ran the rockboxdev script. It ran for about 4 hours until it stopped because it couldn't download some zip thing. I then restarted that script. Does the script build everything again or does it run through every gcc command to realize that the build has already been done?
08:56:44_bilgusits been a whilen since I used it Ive been transferring things to new machines for a while now but last I remember it should be able to continue where it left off
08:57:14speachyit'll redo everything you ask it to
08:57:27blbro[m]These days I'd simply put instructions up on how to setup wsl and install the required packages.
08:57:30MyFairJulieSo no continuing where it left off?
08:57:48_bilgusbut if you built multiple architectures I think you need to remove their letters
08:57:59speachyif you have (eg) the ARM toolchains succesfully built, it'll rebuild them if you ask. what it won't do is re-download stuff already downloaded.
08:58:21speachywhat probably blew up is the hosted mips toolchain.
08:58:26MyFairJulieAwwwwwww shit, when i restarted the script i gave it all the letters
08:58:28speachy(maybe hosted arm too)
09:03:29_bilgusI'm having a hard time with the get_kbd_ch() generator function I'd like to dynamically do the layout (basically the fn translates between src_width and screen width) but you can ask for arbitrary positions as well so no saving last pos you have to save enough state to rebuild from ;ine position
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09:05:23_bilgusI'm thinking I might be better off keeping a linebuffer and do the formatting one level up
09:05:52_bilgusbut that adds translation to every other layer too
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09:20:20speachyokay, just banned _another_ bot that was murdering the server. sigh.
09:21:50_bilgusI think I can get the line len each time without much overhead and then do my formatting on the fly and feed the cursor position through the same fn
09:22:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dc67d821c3, 303 builds, 7 clients.
09:22:24_bilgusstill not optimal but i'm too dumb to do it at the char level
09:37:11amachronic_bilgus iiuc, you're concerned about get_kbd_ch duplicating a lot of effort?
09:38:30_bilguscurrently it just jumps lines thats not too bad but in order to incorporate formatting I need to add spaces think like align left, right, center
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09:39:43amachronicoh. you mean like aligning different char groups?
09:40:09_bilgusbut later I have to rebuild that to select the right character
09:40:34speachyphew, unwedged things. bleh.
09:41:18amachronicwouldn't the picker just jump over spacing? so that spacing would only be needed for drawing?
09:41:51_bilgusit does currently with the added code up now but I don't really like it
09:42:06_bilgusits clunky and jarring
09:48:40braewoodsI kinda wonder if we should develop a Docker image for rockbox development. They're cross-platform from what I recall.
09:49:45speachyIMO the effort is best spent making the toolchain builds as bulletproof as possible.
09:50:02amachronicreproducibility ftw
09:50:06speachy(that's one of the earlier contributions I made... nothing built cleanly when I started..)
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09:54:34amachronictime to merge g#4466?
09:54:36rb-bluebotGerrit review #4466 at : Fix sim build for glibc >=2.34 by Aidan MacDonald
09:54:42speachyyeah, just did
09:55:59speachyI could have sworn I'd committed a fix for that a little while back.
09:56:08speachybut eh, whatevs. :)
09:56:52amachronicit seems a proper fix is a pita, since some platforms insist on enormous stacks
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10:38:56speachyanother bot
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10:40:16MyFairJulieLittle problem: The rockboxdev script complains about being unable to download zlib. How can i fix this and how can i resume the script properly?
10:40:35speachygrab latest git, that should be fixed now.
10:40:39speachy(as of this morning)
10:42:05MyFairJulieI checked out the git repo around 7 hours ago
10:42:17speachyI committed this about 2 hours ago
10:42:22MyFairJulieOh i see
10:44:25MyFairJulieI did the git checkout command. How do i resume the script?
10:45:42MyFairJulieOops, i meant git pull
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11:13:02_bilgusok I have the centering figured out I just need to walk the buffer to calculate the offset, its NTB but I don't know that I like the cenetered text without auto scrolling to the first char like the previous did
11:14:02_bilgusin that case it might be better to start from the center of the first line rather than the left
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11:16:52_bilgusMyFairJulie, the script saves state in the ??home folder?? your checkout / pull shouldn't overwrite the existing
11:17:00speachythis hosted vm is ... crawling. disk I/O is still bringing the whole thing down
11:18:58_bilgusis this the gifted one?
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12:10:29braewoods i wouldn't be surprised if a container would out-perform it
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15:25:59_bilgusafter all that I decided to make the text reflow equally and now I like the left justified version better, sigh this is why gui crap always takes me forever
15:57:40bluebrotherspeachy: I've released Rockbox Utility 1.5.1 so we have the most pressing issues fixed. Can you move the files to the download server? Files are here:
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16:50:39speachylovely, something in TexLive 2021 is causing the manual html builds to hork.
16:50:43speachysomething/some change/
17:00:29speachybluebrother: all uploaded!
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17:27:32SerkeI have a minor problem, not sure if it's a regression or my settings.
17:27:36SerkeSometimes when bookmarking a track it skips to an earlier position, a couple of seconds back.
17:28:00SerkeIt happens before the bookmark is created, so resuming playback or loading the created bookmark makes no difference.
17:28:49SerkeMy settings:
17:29:03Serkerewind before resume: off
17:29:03Serkerewind on pause: off
17:29:03Serkebookmark on stop: yes - recent only
17:29:03DBUGEnqueued KICK Serke
17:29:03Serkeupdate on stop: no
17:29:03Serkeload last bookmark: no
17:29:03***Alert Mode level 1
17:29:03Serkemaintain a list of recent bookmarks: one per playlist
17:30:10speachymight be due to seek granularity? just a guess.
17:34:02SerkeIf it's due to seek granularity, is there some option I can flip on or off to at least minimize its effects?
17:34:54speachydoes the file type matter? mp3/mp4/flac/etc?
17:38:01SerkeNot sure, all I have right now are a bunch or vbr mp3s I encoded myself.
17:39:04***Alert Mode OFF
17:44:06SerkeCan granularity cause a track to skip not just a few frames, but a few seconds of playback? Because that's what happens.
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20:36:47_bilgusSerke maybe? I'd try CBR and see if you can repro it
20:38:42_bilguslikely its unable to seek to the proper position and after your current would be worse than prior
20:48:37_bilguswell shit my idea for long pressing select to swap charsets won't work on the clips since long press select is already used to save changes and exit :/
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22:15:34devslashIs anyone around
22:17:55devslashI removed all of my ipod music under ipod_control/Music and created a new folder on the root of my ipod Classic 6G and copied some music there. I went into settings, selected this folder under database and initiated a scan but Rockbox is still showing my old music library
22:28:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1c3f6e063a, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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22:59:50_bilgusdevslash try deleting the database files
23:00:33_bilgusin rb folder .tcd extension
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23:04:39hactarwish there was a way to edit .fnt files
23:08:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 002575dbcf, 303 builds, 7 clients.
23:09:11_bilgushactar, AFAIU they are just mono bitmaps in an array
23:10:08_bilguslike minus would be 000 000 111 000 000 (3x5)
23:11:28hactarfeasible, sure. convenient, not really
23:12:14hactar08 rockfont is almost perfect for the ipod mini, but there's like a handful of things that drive me up the wall
23:12:21hactarlike the curly tail on the i
23:16:00_bilguschris_s logs the wraparound setting will update properly now
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23:17:59hactari put the custom scrollbar thing aside but might have another go one of these days
23:18:08hactari cannot truly rest until i figure that out
23:20:08devslashthanks ill try that
23:27:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1160 seconds.
23:27:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 002575dbcf result: All green

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