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#rockbox log for 2022-04-19

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07:57:34pixelmahactar: IIRC some fonts were done using fontforge
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09:37:38chris_sbilgus (logs): awesome! :)
09:37:49chris_sspeachy/amachronic: thanks for the code reviews…If 1c3f6e063a turns out to be too controversial though (m3k ignore 'select' in yes/nos screen), feel free to revert it, too :D
09:44:38speachychris_s: I meant to do more but other stuff came up last night
09:47:17chris_sno rush :)
09:52:50speachytrying to catch up on my personal backlog, though keeping the silly vm from melting down is an ongoing process.
09:54:30speachyand I still haven't managed to block the damn bots that are ignoring robots.txt and crawling the .bz2 snapshot links on the cgit pages.
09:54:46speachyburning a lot of CPU hours in the process.
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11:28:39archiehi, does anybody knows if sandisk sansa clip player has the ability to charge through a regular charger  (without using the data lines)
11:29:12archie(im using one with a damaged screen and i  cant see if it's charging or not)
11:29:17speachyum, yeah? just supply power to the port, it'll charge.
11:29:35archiealso how can i check the battery level through rockbox?
11:30:02archiethere isnt an option like with my ipod nano
11:30:12sporkchris_s, that yes/no thing is very correct
11:30:48speachyarchie: main menu -> system -> rockbox info
11:31:06speachybattery level is the first line and is voiced if you have the speech files installed.
11:31:14archieah, i hope the tts would read it
11:31:37speachythere are internal APIs to query that too, but that's probably not what you want.
11:32:08archiethere are api for rockbox? cool, where can i read about them?
11:32:47archieim using linux btw
11:35:01sporkinternal api's
11:35:07sporkthe sourcecode is the documentation
11:35:31sporkvarious components of rockbox use them, not something external
11:35:43archieis there like a tool or a binary that helps me interact with it
11:38:16archie+speachy, i only have one file: `english.voice` installed , im curious to know if there are other speech files im unaware about since you said "if you have speech file's' installed"
11:38:26speachythat's it
11:46:05archieyeah the battery is also damaged apparently, cause now it says battery level 67% after only plugging it for a few minutes whereas it was completely dead  moments before
11:47:16archiewhich is it's also weird cause i remember listening to fm radio for hours back when i had stock firmware...
11:49:22archienow it says battery percent 99% after plugging it again.. bruh XD
11:51:05speachyyeah, assuming that's the original battery it's at least a decade old now..
11:53:57archiei wish i hadn't dropped my creative zen in a bucket of water :(
11:54:04archieit is honestly the best mp i ever owned
12:07:44archiespeachy is there away i can access the `rockbox info` menu  quicker with something like  button combination maybe
12:08:00archieis that what the obscure `shortcuts` is about?
12:10:47speachyit could be used for that
12:11:00archiealso i think there is a bug in the battery info section, it's fluctuating between crazy numbers
12:11:27archieand if my battery is damaged then why im i still able to listen to music now
12:11:38speachythe battery numbers go through a weighted average but garbage in garbage out
12:11:49speachythe old battery in what I"m using here is good until it isn't, for example.
12:13:11archieso it's unreliable
12:13:39archiethe data i mean
12:15:42sporkdata in the original firmware might not be any better
12:16:37sporkmaybe the discharge curve no longer matches your worn battery though
12:17:57archiecan i regulate it through software (like with battery calibration on android)
12:19:09archiespeachy i cant find any useful documentation  about the shortcuts section....
12:19:48sporkyou can completely charge and let it drain all the way while running 'battery bench' i think
12:19:59sporkbut i doubt that helps much
12:21:47archiethank you sir
12:28:27sporki think you can put a derivation of the collected values into the firmware (which you would have to compile yourself) i.e.:
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14:52:52archieis it even possible to loop one and skip song when pressing next?
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15:01:38archiedid anybody respond, my network disconnects  when i ftp a game to my xbox
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16:15:58hactarpixelma they're not editable though, afaict
16:42:52bluebrotherhmm. Would it be a safe assumption that pkexec exists on all Linux distros we want Rockbox Utility to run on?
16:51:23bluebrotherhactar: the fonts are in bdf format in the fonts/ folder. I could at least make changes to a font right now, but haven't tried saving.
16:52:05hactaroh, i'll have to see if i can get the font conversion tool running
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17:06:52bluebrotherif you have a working build setup you can simply make fontzip
17:10:06bluebrotherarchie: there's a setting to voice the battery level. According to the manual: When this option is enabled the battery level is announced when it falls under 50%, 30% and 15%.
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17:14:47hactarare there plans to make the database menu translatable?
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17:33:42_bilgushactar which part of the db menu?
17:34:31hactarerm, any of it? the top most level?
17:34:37hactarwhen you select database in the main menu
17:39:55hactari guess it's just the top level, when select artist, the tags inside are translated
17:40:08hactarbut it still says "artist" "album" etc regardless of what language you choose
17:40:26_bilgusthats hardcoded id3 stuff i think
17:41:42hactari don't think so
17:41:47hactar"search" "a to z" etc
17:48:20_bilgusah thats the tagnav file
17:48:33_bilgusmake your own translation and load it
17:49:30hactarso it can be done with .lang files?
17:50:18hactarok so it's hardcoded
17:51:32_bilgusthe default is hardcoded you can supply your own
17:51:51hactaroh interesting
17:52:05hactaris there a reason it's not part of the normal menus?
17:52:19_bilgusbefore my time
17:52:51hactarjust weird to put the whole thing into, say, russian, and it still says "artist" etc
17:53:58_bilgusit'd be possible to use lang tags in there I think like how the WPS does
17:54:17_bilgusbut I seriously doubt it'd work without a deep dive
17:55:34hactarwell at the very least the tagnavi_custom file should allow me to do what i want to do, thanks
17:56:45_bilgusI have a lua script that does custom queries you could also use it to do several languages, it also adds a special shortcut that allows reloading the menu on the fly
17:57:32_bilgustagnav_customizer or custom_tagnav something like that in demo/lua_scripts
18:27:12hactari still can't for the life of me make a functioning scrollbar via %LB
18:27:18hactaror use it as a conditional at all
18:27:52hactarno matter what the bar just appears as 100% length
19:00:28_bilgusI'm busy atm but remind me again in a few weeks
19:00:53_bilguslikely its a failing of the parser but it gets hairy
19:08:16CtcpIgnored 3 channel CTCP requests in 3 days and 5 hours at the last flood
19:08:16*hactar makes note to self
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19:47:10hactar%ss(2, 1, %pv)
19:47:10hactar%?if(%ss(2, 1, %pv, number), =, 3)<it's 3|nope>
19:47:14hactaram i going insane
19:47:34hactarthat second line should find the third character in the volume string, and if it's 3, say "it's 3"
19:47:42hactarcause it only says "it's 3" if it's........ 2
20:01:59hactarlol it only returns true if the value is 1 less than the value its checking
20:03:22_bilguskeep finding bugs and you will be in charge of it ;P
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20:07:00hactarlittle do they know how truly incompetent i am
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