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#rockbox log for 2022-04-24

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07:55:17MyFairJulieLittle question: How do i detect scrollpads? Like the vertical scroll area on the m:robe 100?
07:55:58MyFairJulieAlso: What does rb->yield() do? And how do i erase drawn pixels on monochrome displays?
08:20:17speachyI don't think scroll strips have special support.
08:22:25speachythe mr100 just uses it as a up/dn/center button, no scroll support.
08:22:30speachy(our port, I mean(
08:43:01_bilgusyield releases your thread to let others work
08:43:29_bilguserases mono pixels with proper drawmode
08:58:34MyFairJulieThank you 👍
08:59:19MyFairJulieBtw. i found out why rockle ate away at my CPU: I didn't have anything in there to limit the framerate
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09:21:17MyFairJulieHow can i add multi-language support? Or specifically: Where do i add my own strings to make them available through genlang?
09:22:01_bilgusput new strings at end of english/lang
09:24:24MyFairJulieIs there a fallback logic available in case someone else selected an unsupported language?
09:25:24speachyenglish language strings are defaulted if there's no specific translation. it's all automatic.
09:26:11_bilguswhen using plugins you'll need to provide a stub to use str() unsigned char **language_strings; /* for use with str() macro; must be init */ ( language_strings = rb->language_strings;)
09:26:29_bilgusthe assignmeny should go in plugin start
09:26:58speachyalso if you want to add vocie prompts, look at the chess plugin as an example of how
09:27:02_bilgusand when you get segfaults it probably means you need str()
09:27:39_bilgusthere are a couple other macros but i'm drawing a blank atm
09:30:30_bilgusah STR ID2P P2ID
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13:14:52chris_s_bilgus: Looks like there is another small regression due to – The line selector type doesn't update right away when you switch from one theme to another
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13:21:25_bilguschris_s its got the callback but maybe it doesn't do exit_menu_item when switching themes not sure
13:37:27hactardamn i remember wanting an m:robe
13:37:32hactarwas all about that aesthetic
13:44:06chris_sDoes anyone have a solution for supporting a newly added setting in a theme (specifically, displaying the currently set Single Mode option) without it breaking the theme on older versions of Rockbox?
13:51:12MyFairJulieThe m:robe looks really fine, ngl
13:52:14MyFairJulieI'm thinking about adding support for the remote lcd. But i'm not sure and frankly, i should finally add support for different lists and stats.
13:52:45MyFairJulieI wonder how many games support remote LCDs of m:robes
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15:30:19braewoodsMyFairJulie: you can still find m:robes?
15:32:02MyFairJulieebay classifieds
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15:32:34MyFairJulieI can find an m:robe 100 and an m:robe 500 there, including the accessories
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15:46:36MyFairJulieI just tested Rockle on the iriver H10 sim and holy shit, the current input scheme is not gonna cut it at all!
15:47:42MyFairJulieThe input was still serviceable on the m:robe 100 sim and the zen mozaic but it's not gonna cut it
16:04:29hactarthose 100s are more expensive than i was hoping, damn
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19:55:43hactarmanaged to get the bitmaps for my wps down to less than 1kb total, cause i'm a fuckin weirdo
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