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#rockbox log for 2022-04-25

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09:19:50MyFairJuliaDoes anybody know whether Rockbox works with the little piezo speaker on the iPod? After i'm done with Wordle i wanna do a little virtual pet and the piezo speaker in the iPod is perfect to give the virtual pet game the Tamagotchi vibe
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09:57:13MyFairJuliaMaybe i can do some memes with it too 😄
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10:14:41speachyas well as piezo there is also a fake keyclick for other targets.
10:30:57MyFairJuliaWhat do you mean by fake keyclick? A little clicking noise played back over the headphone jack?
10:48:23speachyI don't recall if the plugin api has calls for that functionality
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11:16:20MyFairJuliaI'll stick to the piezo for ipods.
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11:57:15braewoods_bilgus: does rockbox have any way for plugins to interact with usb drivers?
11:57:45braewoods_bilgus: i had an idea for a usb driver, assuming i could get exclusive control of the LCD for a period of time
11:58:35braewoodsi've been looking at some devices which have an LCD driven by a host PC over USB.
11:59:05braewoodsbasically it would be a driver for allowing host PC software to render to the rockbox FB in some manner.
12:00:21braewoodsnot sure how practical it would be but an interesting idea if nothing else
12:18:50hactarwould be a neat expansion to the sim, but that sounds like a lot of work
12:24:20braewoodsprobably not that much, it would basically be a vendor specific protocol. the framebuffer controls are already in rockbox. it's just a matter of connecting stuff i think if the host is responsible for all graphical rendering logic.
12:24:40hactaroh i misread
12:24:49hactari thought you said to render rockbox
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12:26:51braewoodswell the other direction may also work but remember USB is typically oriented around the host
12:27:33hactari meant the same way, as in, the pc would run the sim but it would be displayed on the device screen
12:27:57braewoodsoh. that's one possible use i guess but why would you do that?
12:28:09braewoodsto do that it'd already be supported
12:28:14braewoodsin the first place
12:28:36braewoodsthe sim's main purpose i believe was to simulate usage on specific devices for those that don't have them yet
12:29:16braewoodsin any case
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14:12:56MyFairJulieDid anyone develop a game and test it on the Sandisk Sansa Clip? I'm currently working on squeezing Wordle onto the Sansa :D
14:26:38_bilgusI try to do all my stuff on the clipzip or clip+ since if it runs there it will probably work everywhere
14:27:25_bilgusbraewoods, you don't have USB access from plugins but it wouldn't be too hard to add an interface esp after the USB rework
14:32:57braewoodsi could see that being an option for usb driver functionality where the plugin is in control
14:33:23braewoodsmaybe we could also move to make some of the usb core stuff not hard-coded per say.
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15:45:57_bilgusit might be a good excuse to push the usb button emulation out of core I'm not sure anything else could/should be though
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21:50:15hactarhmm, there's no way to specify the user's fore/background colours in tags
21:50:34hactari thought pulling the setting value might work, no dice
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22:55:23chris_shactar: %Vf(-) should work, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're saying
22:56:06hactari'm looking to read the foreground colour, not set it
22:58:26chris_sthat should do it then
22:59:49chris_s(set the viewport foreground color to the user's foreground color)
23:00:12hactarwhat i'm trying to do is use %dr so that the fill is whatever the background colour is
23:01:03chris_sI haven't tried it with %dr (although I guess it should work), but I've used it to fill a volume bar with the user's foreground color
23:01:41hactarso %dr(0,0,10,10,%Vb(-)) ?
23:02:08chris_sno, the %Vb tag should come after the Viewport declaration and before the %dr
23:02:55hactarbut if no colour is specified in %dr it will fill with foreground
23:03:03hactarand i'm trying to fill with background
23:04:09chris_shave you tried using just a dash (don't know if it will work)
23:04:37chris_suh no, probably not
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