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#rockbox log for 2022-04-27

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15:47:11MyFairJulieHey people, how do i configure an Archos FM Recorder simulator? I can't seem to find it in the configure tool
16:30:29speachyThe old Archos models were completely dropped about a year or so ago
16:31:45MyFairJulieWhy are they still listed in the devices and in the plugin verification lists then?
16:32:05MyFairJulieBy the way, the devices overview does not list A LOT of players.
16:32:25MyFairJulieLike, all the Sonys, the Creative ZEN series, etc.
16:32:36speachybecause the're suppored by older stable builds.
16:33:20speachywe only publish nightly builds for targets considered "usable", plus whatever was in prior releases.
16:33:32MyFairJulieWhere is the Sansa Clip Zip in the devices? IMO there's a lot of housekeeping y'all gotta do
16:33:50speachythe sansas are all there
16:34:02speachybut I suppose that deoends on what list you're talking about.
16:34:22MyFairJulie This baby
16:34:54MyFairJulieThis list also lists the Archos players as supported even though they should only be listed as usable.
16:38:36MyFairJulieThis list doesn't show the Samsung YP-R0 either.
16:38:55_bilguseasy enough to rectify you stepping up to do it?
16:40:15MyFairJulieYeah, i guess. Maybe you too could step up ;)
16:40:56MyFairJulieYou know, we being in a community, doing that housekeeping that appears to be overdue for years :D Could be fun
16:46:22_bilgusassuredly it is not fun otherwise it wouldn't need done
16:53:02speachylike so many things, there's <−−−−−−> amount of work and <> available time/resources.
17:00:45MyFairJulieThat explains why nobody made pet.rock for Rockbox :D
17:02:09MyFairJulieImagine a virtual pet that is a pet rock which fits perfectly considering this system is called rockbox :D
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17:05:45braewoodsGreat, just what we need. A tamigochi for our rockbox.
17:06:24MyFairJuliaWhy not? Didn't you always want a virtual pet that you can take care of for 14 days and neglect later on?
17:13:52MyFairJuliaMy Wordle port is making steady progress. Admittedly slowly but steady. I changed the input from a simple 2x13 rows of characters to a scrollable list on the left or the bottom depending on the screen. That way i managed to squeeze Wordle down to the screen of the Sandisk Sansa Clip. And i just realized that this change is super great because it allows me to support any language version of Wordle because i'm not restricted to the 2
17:13:52MyFairJuliacharacter latin alphabet anymore
17:16:03MyFairJuliaThere's the Wordle Global project on Github and i want to add support for that. Specifically the lists of words to guess and the accompanying list of characters these words can contain. It should work fine (unless we're dealing with CJK and their massive character set)
17:19:01MyFairJuliaHmm... turns out Wordle Global doesn't have chinese and japanese lists and character sets...
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21:44:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f0d3a62d91, 303 builds, 8 clients.
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21:51:00LambdaCalculus37@speachy Just built and tested a new aarch64 build of Rockbox Utility tagged as v1.5.1:
21:52:07speachywon't be able to get then up immediately but sometime in the morning
21:53:13LambdaCalculus37No prob.
21:54:03LambdaCalculus37Haven't had any luck building for armhf at all so I don't know if I'll even continue to try for the platform.
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22:08:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1437 seconds.
22:08:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f0d3a62d91 result: 4 errors 0 warnings
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