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#rockbox log for 2022-04-30

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05:50:56MyFairJulieHey people, how can i add additional resources to a game? I wanna make a text file with words to guess and add the text file automatically when building rockbox.
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07:09:42woffsHi, I have a problem with iPod Video 80GB. The disk has an unrecoverable bad sector just at the start of the data partition. I have moved the partition to start after that bad sector and recreated the file system, and the original iPod software does work again and can use it, but rockbox cannot boot and says rockbox-info.txt file not found. Any hint?
07:11:02woffsIf the rockbox firmware looks into the partition table, why does it not find the filesystem and the .rockbox/rockbox.ipod file (it is there)?
07:12:00woffscorrecting rockbox-info.txt, meant rockbox.ipod
07:19:19woffsI am able to use a hex editor etc, so if anyone hat a hint what to change to get this working, thanks!
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07:22:25gevaertsThe one thing I remember about the 80GB Video is that it has 2K sectors, which is kind of unusual. If at some point during the operation things got a bit confused about that, you can get weirdness
07:23:48woffsI have obeyed the 2k sector thing all the time
07:24:01gevaertsOne problem is that there's no good way for rockbox to detect if it's running on such a disk, so what it does is try assuming it's a regular 512 byte sector system and if it doesn't find a valid FAT partition it tries 2K sectors. Now if for whatever reason there's something at the "512" offset that vaguely looks like a partition, you can get this sort of effect
07:24:51woffsso I'll try to zero-out everything which is left over?
07:27:22gevaertsPossibly. The tricky thing is knowing where. If what I'm thiking is correct, you might end up somewhere in the apple firmware partition. Not sure...
07:28:00woffsBut that firmware partition is unchanged ... I wonder how to debug this
07:30:08gevaertsIt's a tricky one. Of course it might also be something different which has nothing to do with this (not that I can think of something right now)
07:30:45woffsI have moved the partition start from 64260 to 64262 (2k sectors). That seemed to work, because it does not try to access the bad block anymore (which would be acoustically evident)
07:33:51gevaertsOne thing you could do is check what's at 64262 *512* byte sectors in and see what's there
07:35:37gevaertsHmm, the other thing to look at might be to check partition types. If I remember correctly the formware partition is of type 0, which some tools don't like. It's been a *long* time since I looked at the partition code in rockbox, but maybe if that's not set to 0 rockbox tries using that?
07:38:11woffsat 64262*512 there is 30 09 8D A1 E9 30 01 B7 ... where to find the partition firmware source code to have a look at?
07:38:28woffsp1 is type 0
07:38:35woffsp2 is type 0b
07:39:07woffsmaybe I should make a shorter partition to test
07:40:16gevaertsHmm, that all seems OK
07:40:51gevaertsIt's in firmware/common/disk.c
07:41:43woffsthank you, I'll have a look. And maybe my partition and fs layout is still a bit fucked up, I have to correct this (sizes)
08:50:06woffsRockbox finds the right partision (it reports that when booting), but then fails to find the file. But I'll try to zero out the first 1GB of the disk and restart from scratch.
08:50:57woffsIs there a chance to insert an other disk / ssd? I guess the case size and interface are rather unusual ...
09:07:16_bilgusMyFairJulie (logs?) no res files we usually roll our own I suppose the closest i'm aware of is the cfg file helper plugin/lib/configfile.c, it handles int, bool, enum, strings
09:18:45gevaertsI don't know the ssd or replacement disk situation for those these days, really
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09:48:12woffsI see SSD ZIF replacement units for 40~60€ in the net (original disk is toshiba mk8010gah)
09:49:16woffsbut I'm still struggling. Fun, the bad sector is accessible again, but I still have bootloop and rockbox not booting problems. I suspect fat and 2k sector weirdness.
09:50:09woffshost linux also wants to access sector 156279312 which is 4x the size of the disk (so i suspect 512 vs 2048 confusion here)
10:22:20woffsafter formatting fat with 1k sector size the iPod original software recognizes the disk but I cannot mount it in linux.
10:23:10woffslinux says "logical sector size too small for device (logical sector size = 1024)" because the physical block size reported by the device is 2048
10:34:25woffs`mformat -t 2428 -h 255 -s 63 -S 4 -M 2048 -F` seems to be the right thing to do, linux is happy, iPod original is happy. But Rockbox still does not find rockbox.ipod :(
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11:30:58woffsHad a look at firmware/common/rb-loader.c, probably load_firmware_filename returns EFILE_NOT_FOUND but why? Maybe some disk hardware error still shows up this way? Mysterious.
11:32:02gevaertsWhat sort of sectors per clusters do you get? I seem to have vague memories of something having issues with large clusters (if I remember correctly the largest possible size had issues, stepping down one worked). I don't remember if that was mformat, mkfs.msdos, or rockbox.
11:32:33gevaertsThe rockbox FAT code isn't always the best
11:33:33gevaertsmkfs.vfat used to have issues on 2K sectors, so definitely stay with mformat
11:41:41gevaertsIt's been way too long since I was involved in this sort of stuff. One forgets details after ten years...
11:43:11woffsI wonder because years ago it worked
11:49:22gevaertsBased on what I found, what I'd have recommended ten years ago seems to be be booting to the Apple recovery disk mode, clearing the first gigabyte or so with dd, repartitioning, and reformatting. This bad sector makes that a bit annoying though
11:52:15gevaertsBut I really don't feel confident in recommending anything and being sure it will solve the problems
12:00:13woffsAlready did that. Thank you for your empathy, again :-)
12:14:35woffsWas also struggling to remember what I did some years ago to install Rockbox on that iPod. But thanks to the documentation which is still there!
12:28:23hactarnot the solution you're looking for i know, but flash replacements are pretty cheap these days. an iflash solo is $35 and a 128gb sd can be had for $15
12:28:47hactarbattery life goes up by +50% too
12:35:06woffsneed this scary ZIF interface
12:40:37woffsamazing :)
12:42:58woffsShipping to DE +10€, but maybe find a local dealer. Thank you!
12:44:10hactarthey are pretty popular so you might be able to find something local
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21:52:40nkkoI'm looking at, and is rockbox dead?
21:52:57nkkoI don't see any new devices which can support it, erh, apart from the unstable builds
21:54:22nkkobut I've never touched rockbox, myself, so I wouldn't know, but can it handle MOD/IT files?
21:59:00hactarit can
21:59:45nkkohmm, good to know
22:00:22hactarrockbox definitely isn't dead, but the audio player market is pretty anemic these days
22:00:30nkkoyeah, for sure
22:00:33hactarvery few people want a device that just plays music
22:01:36nkkowell, I'll look at chinese players, I suppose
22:01:48nkkoI guess a used device would work, too, but hmm
22:01:49hactaror just get a used ipod or something
22:01:56hactarthere are only 5 billion of them out there
22:07:32nkkoyeah, you're right, those ipod nanos go for <$50
22:07:32hactarpersonally i use a 5.5g ipod as my daily driver
22:07:50hactarhad it since 2007, in the intervening time upgraded it to 128gb flash
22:08:17hactarjust replaced the battery the other day, was thrilled to get 20hrs playback using rockbox
22:14:38nkkohmm, can those ipods handle 1-2TB HDDs?
22:15:01nkkoprobably won't need that much space, but you never know with flacs
22:15:16hactari think that they become unstable at those sizes
22:15:24hactarthere are some charts at
22:17:47hactari don't feel the need to carry flac in my pocket so 128gb is sufficient for me
22:18:38nkkotrue, yeah, I might just do ogg/mp3
22:19:39hactartrancoding to v0 mp3 is nicely speedy on modern processors
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