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#rockbox log for 2022-05-02

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02:48:03lizzieI got a Surfans F20... actually, *before* realizing there was rockbox experimental support for it
02:48:40lizzieand then when I read the rockbox port didn't support bluetooth, I shrugged it off at the time, since the main thing I got it for was bluetooth DAC support
02:49:03lizziebut then using it as a regular DAP I realized it was awful and I wanted rockbox, so my plan is to just dual boot it when I want to use it as a bluetooth DAC
02:50:14lizzieanyways on to my question... what is the tradeoff of running rockbox in "hosted" mode vs native mode on the Surfans F20?
02:51:43lizzieRockboxUtility kept crashing when presented with either original or prepatched original firmware, but after a manual install, hosted mode is working fine.
02:51:58lizzieI'm wondering if native mode has any benefit (battery life, audio quality, etc)
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03:13:35sporkin general that probably depends on the quality of the original firmware
03:13:50sporkwith native rockbox has full control over everything
03:14:20sporkaudio quality will not be noticably different
03:14:51sporkhosted might have different power/sleep management that could affect battery life
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03:53:51lizziethe original firmware is awful :P I don't actally know how the hosted firmware works
03:54:37lizziethe page seems to mention the original firmware being linux-based. none of the OF features are available when running rockbox, including bluetooth as best I can tell, so I don't know how much of the original firmware is left to host it
03:54:49lizzieso I guess... unless someone already knows how it works on this device, maybe I should just do battery life tests on both
03:58:51sporkall of the original firmware remains, rockbox just replaces the music player app
03:59:08sporkbut indeed, none of the original firmware is usable from rockbox
03:59:24sporkin theory someone could do the work to expose the original firmware's bluetooth to rockbox
03:59:59sporkthat would be less work than adding bluetooth support to native rockbox but it is still work that has to be done and has not been done yet
04:01:13sporkmaybe the thread on the forum has some of the answers to your questions ?
04:12:03lizziethank you, I will read through that!
04:14:23lizziealso if someone can figure out what you say (exposing the OF bluetooth to rockbox) that would be nice... but I do have a bit of a gripe...
04:15:08lizziethe OF bluetooth support can connect to an external bluetooth headset or such, but it remains discoverable with no way to turn that off, so if you are using the F20 with bluetooth headphones, then you are vulnerable to anyone with a phone pairing with your F20 and forcing it into bluetooth DAC mode instead
04:15:19lizzienot sure if that can be prevented, but it is very stupid imo
04:15:46lizzieas far as bluetooth DAC mode, I'd give very little priority to supporting that from the rockbox UI, since once it's in bluetooth DAC mode, I keep it in my pocket and it needs no UI, so OF is fine
04:19:41sporkthere are often very idiotic things in those original firmwares
04:19:57sporkstuff that has definitely not been tested properly too
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05:55:48lizzieit's baffling... I wonder if the other players with basically the same hardware have the same crappy firmware, or different crappy firmware
06:06:35sporkquite likely to have a single source
06:06:42sporkwith just the odd logo replaced
06:34:45lizziethis is totally a stripped down version of android
06:34:54lizzieI am connected with adb now xD
06:35:02lizzieso the hosted version might actually be the android app
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08:28:16dconradlizzie: one advantage the native port has is that it boots in about 5 seconds (including holding the button)
08:29:13dconradand not having to click through the boot select screen
08:31:17dconradif you do try out the native firmware, I am interested if booting the OF works - to my knowledge, it's only been tested on the "Hifi Walker H2" variant of these players
08:31:45dconradso be sure to take a backup in case dual-boot doesn't work and you want to go back
08:32:45dconradin any case, it works very well here
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12:34:12ubuntunhello world
12:35:07ubuntunis there any dev around to give me a hand please?
12:36:16ubuntuntrying to get dev build environment up and running. I'm using ubuntu and followed instructions from your wiki
12:36:45sporkand what is the problem ?
12:37:42ubuntunbut when i want to run it doesn't works, it ask me to get libtool, but already have it. So do I need any special version?
12:38:06ubuntunhey spork
12:38:53sporkyou mean ?
12:39:13ubuntunyup sorry :)
12:39:30ubuntunto auto build compilers
12:39:38sporkthat script should install everything for you
12:40:13sporkyou will have to find the exact error for anyone to be able to help
12:40:52ubuntunI know! That why I wanted to use it, but erroring about missing libtool
12:41:04ubuntuni did it
12:41:46speachyif you run 'libtool' on the cmdddline, does it work?
12:42:00speachymaybe ubuntu calls it libtool-dev or something like that now?
12:42:24amachronicgoogling suggests you may need libtool-bin
12:43:06ubuntunhi guys, thanks for the help. Let me check
12:45:35ubuntunyay that was libtool-bin that was indeed missing, thanks
12:46:40ubuntunthe script need a lil update to accommodate to that bug, or update the wiki, no?
12:47:17ubuntunI'm using the last ubuntu 22.04 maybe that introduced it?
12:48:05ubuntun"ROCKBOXDEV: "libtool" is required for this script to work.
12:48:06ubuntunROCKBOXDEV: Please install the missing tools and re-run the script."
12:48:25ubuntunthe what the script gave me as error
12:48:41amachronicthe libtool-bin package is old news, it's the wiki that's out of date.
12:49:47ubuntunok man, if a cool soul can do it for future ubuntu users... :)
12:51:08ubuntunmaybe the script should output "libtool-bin is required for this script to work"
12:51:24ubuntunthat should be an easy patch
12:51:36speachyon ubuntu only, that is.
12:51:50ubuntunah, ok
12:52:01amachronici'll update the wiki
12:52:38ubuntuncoolio, thanks for the hand and to update wiki for other future ubuntu users
12:53:29ubuntunthere is the bit to change "Note for Ubuntu users: you will need build-essential and texinfo installed: sudo apt-get install build-essential texinfo"
12:53:52ubuntunand libtool-bin :)
12:56:08amachronicit's done, also noted it's required for debian too.
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12:57:42ubuntunthanks, have a good day o/
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15:16:30lizziedconrad: I don't actually know how I'd go about taking a backup of the firmware... unless the patched bootloader firmware I installed for rockbox already counts?
15:16:55dconradit's part of the recommended installation procedure for the native port
15:17:50dconradyou boot up the player into our bootloader, take a backup of the OF's bootloader, then install ours in its place, if that makes sense
15:18:42dconradif you run into trouble you can write the backup file back to the device from the recovery menu of the bootloader
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