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#rockbox log for 2022-05-08

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10:04:50othello7Hello everyone. I'm not sure if I understand this correctly. I'm trying to port my game to rockbox, but it appears to contribute you have to do so under your real name. This would not be an option for me so either I would have to remain a separate fork or possibly get someone else to submit the code. Is this correct?
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10:34:17speachyothello7: the short answer is yes.
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10:34:51speachyothello7: we need accurate attribution for copyright, and perhaps more importantly, CYA purposes.
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10:37:33othello7ah, that's a shame. still not entirely sure on the reasoning as this has been on a todo but thank you for the clarification. is there a long answer I should be aware of?
10:40:32speachylonger answer is that we've had legal problems in the past, noticably over contributed games, and as there's no legal "rockbox organization" the powers that be start targeting whoever is convenient.
10:41:42speachyI don't recall if we necessarily have to publicly post your real name (eg in the credits file and in source code) as long as we have a record of the psuedonym -> real name in case that ever becomes important.
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11:04:42speachy_bilgus: do you recall??????
11:04:55speachy... wtf was with those multiple ??
11:12:24othello7ah, that's actually an understandable explanation. My source is GPL, so maybe someone else can grab it once it's done. One of the things that would be cool is if you could distribute "rockbox binaries" and have people install them easier than compiling from source.
11:13:47sporklike with rockbox utility ?
11:21:18speachyfor all targets we consider "usable"
11:21:34speachyincluding manuals and voice files in a dozen languages.
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11:28:11othello7I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to convey. I was thinking in the context of if I couldn't get my code into the official project which doesn't seem unlikely especially as it's super messy
11:28:45sporkwhy would a project offer unofficial/custom binaries ?
11:29:18sporkthere are alternatives, like having your game in the official version
11:29:57othello7but like I said, if one couldn't get their game in the official version how could they distribute it other than require people to build their fork?
11:30:19sporkno other way, that is correct
11:34:10othello7ok. so once I finish work on my plugin what would be the recommended way of proceeding to try to get it in? (while remaining othello7)
11:47:44sporkevery scenario starts with uploading a patch for review
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13:56:01_bilgusspeachy I don't think we've ever done otherwise but I'd argue that for a plugin it isn't near as importnat and if it came down to it we could remove an offending plugin if needed but I'd just say I'll take responsibility for it if need be
13:59:10_bilgusI think though we were discussing at one point since the bins aren't truly independent of the compile they aren't under the same purview but IANAL
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17:10:31__builtinwhat we've done in the past with imported sources was to attribute it to the "Quake team", etc.
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17:20:31__builtinso that may be an option here, although usually the person doing the port _to rockbox_ is attributed by name in CREDITS
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