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#rockbox log for 2022-05-10

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14:53:45Arsenhey, can RB do metadata/filenames in utf8 (can FAT even?)
14:54:01Arsens/utf8/unicode/ rather
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15:01:32speachyutf8, yes.
16:05:05Arsenah, what about in FS though?
16:05:09Arsennot sure if fat32 can do that
16:15:07speachyfilenames are just sequences of (nearly-arbitrary) bytes.
16:15:39speachyother than a couple of reserved characters (eg slash) anything else goes, and that includes UTF-8.
16:15:59speachygranted I don't know how well other OSes will interop with that but that's beyond the scope of rockbox.
16:17:03Arsenah, good, excellent
16:17:11ArsenI believe linux works like that too
16:17:13ArsenI'll try it now
16:18:33speachyoh wait, VFAT's LFN is specified as UTF-16.
16:19:19speachyso.. it should JustWork(tm).
16:20:24ArsenError: Invalid argument while creating /media/rockbox/music/OSTs/NieR/岡部啓一, oriori, 石濱翔, 高田龍一, 帆足圭吾 & 田中秀和
16:20:24Arsenbad start
16:21:16Arsentime to grep docs I guess
16:21:39speachymount options under linux might matter
16:23:51Arsentrying with the utf8 flag...
16:32:03Arsen[i] ~$ ls /media/rockbox/music/OSTs/NieR/
16:32:03Arsen MONACA 'Square Enix' 岡部啓一 '岡部啓一, oriori, 石濱翔, 高田龍一, 帆足圭吾 & 田中秀和'
16:32:06Arsenneeded to do a full remount
16:32:10Arsenspeachy: thanks
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17:01:34braewoodsArsen: from what i remember utf8 has to explicitly chosen.
17:01:36braewoodsfor FAT
17:02:40braewoodsIf you can't get it working I would opt for ASCII only filenames.
17:02:49braewoodsYou can still have unicode in your metadata.
17:05:37Arsenbraewoods: yeah, that is what worked
17:06:00Arsenit just didn't get applied properly by -o remount,utf8; hence: 22:32:06 <Arsen> needed to do a full remount
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