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#rockbox log for 2022-05-11

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05:14:07edhelasHi everyone
05:15:25edhelasSince the recent changes on I'm not able to scrobble my music in .scrobbler.log
05:15:49edhelasDo we know when this will be finished (it's showing WIP), and yes I've found and enabled the module
05:32:31sporkit was changed to a plugin
05:42:25edhelasI enabled it but the .scroller.log file is not appending the file I've played
05:45:27spork_bilgus was the one who turned it into a plugin, maybe he knows
05:45:40sporkonly thing i can guess is that it perhaps is logging in a different location ?
05:45:59sporkit might be relevant on which device this is
05:46:40edhelasiPod 6G
05:46:43sporkthat 4425 shows as 'merged' here btw, not 'wip'
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08:02:29edhelasOh the issue is that I actually need to start the scrobbler app each time I start my iPod now
08:02:44edhelasThat's quite unpractical
08:02:52edhelasIs there a way to autostart it ?
08:16:53_bilgusedhelas, sure,54165.0.html
08:17:14_bilgus(Settings > General Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Start Screen > Open Plugin:
08:17:40edhelasIt again read it too fast and missed that part
08:19:27edhelasAnd to answer your question on the forum, yes, it's one of the core feature that I like about Rockbox :)
08:21:28_bilgusI figured someone would be a diehard about it thats why I left a plugin
08:28:44edhelasWe're still a few I guess :)
08:31:03_bilgusedhelas, do you still have an app or something that you use the log with or is it a case of your own logging?
08:33:41_bilgusI put that link on the forum post for future me :)
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08:53:45chris_sI don't really scrobble anymore, although I used to take advantage of this feature for keeping the play counts of my PC Library synchronized, but I just realized/wonder if it's a problem that permanently relying on a TSR plugin prevents other plugins from running at the same time. At least you'd have to restart the scrobbler each time you've used
08:53:46chris_sanother plugin if my understanding is correct?
08:55:21chris_smaybe not a big deal for a niche feature like this, idk
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09:16:02_bilgusthat is exactly the case
09:21:18_bilgusthe thought crossed my mind that it should autorestart too but I might also just give TSRs a way to stay resident*er
09:58:51speachywell, apple's officially axed the last of the ipod line.
10:24:12_bilgusstill available while supplies last
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10:35:03chris_sSaw Rockbox mentioned a few times since the announcements from people reminiscing about click wheel iPods (even though *those* have long been discontinued)
10:45:11chris_sTheir industrial design, to this day, feels close to perfect to me
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13:24:15johnb3Trying to access with Firefox v100.0 (on windows), it tries to start a download that never finishes (instead of displaying the page). Can anyone reproduce this?
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13:47:14speachyhuh, that's odd.
13:47:29speachythe raw log works, so...
13:48:22johnb3Edge also works
13:48:43speachyworks using curl/wget too. firefox 100 seems to be stupid for some reason.
13:51:21speachyserver logs show teh browser isn't even trying to follow the url.
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14:29:06MyFairJulieHow long does a tick take in rockbox?
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15:01:07speachy10ms IIRC.
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18:12:40_bilgusthat doesn't sound right
18:13:15_bilgus100 ticks in a second
18:15:01_bilgusyeah thats right 1000ms in a second / 100 ticks
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