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#rockbox log for 2022-05-12

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01:23:46NinCollindoes rockbox support loopback devices with a disk image; if so, how would i go about setting it up
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05:17:39gevaertsNinCollin: the short answer is no. The long answer is that if you're on a "hosted" device (i.e. one with linux underneath) you might be able to use the regular linux loopback support (I don't have such a device, so no idea how), and if you're on a traditional rockbox device migth provide some inspiration
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12:36:13belakAre there any recommended devices you can run rockbox on that have physical buttons rather than just a touchscreen?
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13:13:27hactardefinitely, although i'm not sure any of them are being sold new
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16:42:13braewoodsbelak: there's a fair amount of options if you're willing to put in effort.
16:50:59belakbraewoods: what do you mean?
16:55:11braewoodsbelak: hunting down used units and making them viable again.
16:56:07braewoodsI would probably avoid most SanDisks though since they didn't age well. Batteries are probably worn out and most units lack easily replaced batteries. There's also the issue of internal flash wearing out.
16:57:40braewoodsiPods are usually what people fix up.
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17:43:42belakAh, ok
17:43:55belakI've got an iPod Video and iPod Classic sitting around I could probably use
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21:00:13hactarwow, rockbox hates this red-label µsd-cf adaptor in a 4g ipod
21:00:24hactarpretty much any read/write operation freezes
21:00:31hactarapple firmware works fine
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21:00:45hactarfirst time i've had a flash solution work for one and not the other
21:48:22__builtinhmm, has gcc's tolerance for multiply-defined variables changed in recent releases?
21:49:11__builtinwith 4.9.4, I seem to have gotten away with global variable definitions in a multiply-included header file
21:49:26__builtin(no idea why, but it seems to have worked)
21:49:46__builtinbut compiling the same code with 11.2.0 now raises the error
22:52:04_bilgusmaybe you didn't assign them now they get put somewhere that does?
22:53:59_bilgusnpe interwebs says >= gcc 10 -fno-common is default now
22:57:48_bilgusi presume this is the incantation int x __attribute__ (common);
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