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#rockbox log for 2022-05-13

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09:43:16speachyamachronic: Got a question about the "new" USB control API, when you're available.
09:44:50speachyI presume the intention is that the driver sits on control requests with accompanying data until the data is complete, before handing them to the core?
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14:25:47amachronicspeachy: it's a bit more complicated than that since the driver has to ask the core how much data (if any) to send or receive
14:26:33amachronicthe driver is in control of the request lifetime, but it has to be careful not to destroy or modify it while the core has got a hold of it.
14:27:49amachroniccontrol reads are simplest and the core decides to stall them or ack them, possibly sending some data in return
14:28:27amachroniccontrol writes take two trips through the core:
14:28:53amachronic(1) first the core gets a chance to stall the request, or ask the host to send data (USB_CONTROL_RECEIVE)
14:29:48amachronic(2) assuming the host provides the requested data, the second time around the core gets to use the data and either stall or ack the request (but this ack cannot involve data transfer)
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22:23:18__builtin_bilgus: yes, that was it
22:23:32__builtin-fcommon seems to have fixed it, thanks :)
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