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#rockbox log for 2022-05-22

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10:40:40amachronic_bilgus: do you remember what this was supposed to fix?
10:42:36amachronicit seems that setting tc.browse=NULL is causing panics and it's not necessary as far as i can tell... tree.c is very messy though
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10:54:26_bilgusIIRC it keeps the state but if user deletes file and then reconnect it tries to bring the file back up
10:54:40_bilguswe could probably just force the FB to close
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14:58:30bluebrotherchris_s: indeed, you're right. Something went wrong ... I suspect it's only the version number, but I haven't looked checked but simply rebuilt it.
14:59:12bluebrotherspeachy: I've rebuilt RockboxUtility 1.5.1 for MacOS. Can you move the new file to the download server? Apparently the old one still considers itself to be 1.5.0 ...
14:59:37bluebrotherFile is here:
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