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#rockbox log for 2022-05-23

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12:59:48saratogadoes anyone have a recent UI sim compiled for Windows?
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22:34:03_bilgushactar, the %LB tag works fine in the SBS which the wiki kinda mentions vaguely
22:35:36_bilgusI had to mess with it a bit but the supplied paste is the example in the wiki I did it on the sim for the ClipZip and it displays an upper list with gradient items from green to red and the seleced item at the bottom of the screen
22:35:56_bilgusoh and ofcourse the scrollbar
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22:52:34hactar_bilgus does that require a recent build? i was just using the sim builds from the site
22:52:50hactari think. it's been a while
22:53:02_bilgusI think it should work in any build
22:53:12hactari'll check it out tomorrow
22:53:20_bilgusits just that the WPS doesn't have any items
22:54:18hactari was testing it out on a sbs
22:55:18_bilguswell the example I provided try that and if you can't get it to work ( I used the smallest screen device) let me know
22:56:06_bilgusthe example as provided didn't work though it was all garbled when I tried it on the fuze+ and the zip
22:56:23_bilgus(the one on the wiki not the pastebin)
22:56:24hactarall i remember is that when i tried %LB, it would draw a scrollbar but it wasn't functional (and took up 100% of the space, regardless of the length of the list)
22:56:32hactar(and the conditional was nonfunctional)
22:56:55_bilgusit was for sure fuctional for me and the height worked too
22:57:40hactardid you manage to make it skinnable, e.g. with images
22:58:42_bilgusno I only saw the gradient
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23:01:52hactarfull disclosure, the reason i'm personally interested in this is to make the scrollbar have square corners instead of the silly 1px radius they currently have, at least for my current wip skin
23:01:58hactarbut i assume it would be of interest to others
23:02:10hactarbrowing the skins on the site i noticed they all use the stock scrollbar
23:04:33hactari found the code that causes it in the source, but i'm not going to compile my own custom builds of rockbox just for this, seems silly
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23:06:44_bilguswell it tries to pull a file name when I place on in the place of 'invert'
23:07:02_bilgusgive me a moment to try an whip up one
23:08:04hactarfeature proposal: adjustable corner radius in settings
23:08:11hactarmaybe silly idk
23:14:59_bilgusyes it does skin it
23:15:39_bilgusbut probably not quite how you expect its like it exposes more of the image as you scroll down
23:16:53hactaris there a reason the scroll and progress bars have a 1px radius?
23:16:57hactarcurious feature
23:17:18_bilgusbefore my time
23:17:45_bilgusI think at this point you might upset people with a chnage like that
23:18:03hactarthat's why i was thinking an option
23:18:20hactari forget where it is in the source rn
23:19:51_bilguswell the scrollbar is for sure square with the skinned option I wonder if it could be extended to take a param for the selected pos
23:22:50hactarooh neat
23:22:56hactaryeah i'll have to check it out tomorrow
23:23:14hactarhonestly making a square scrollbar is the final puzzle piece in my skin
23:23:33hactaralthough i'm hestitant to upload it with the real name policy
23:24:01hactarthatnks for whipping that up
23:24:02_bilgusthe problem being that it only exposes the image as it scrolls down
23:24:18hactaroh so the bottom remains the same?
23:24:21hactarthere is no bottom
23:25:47_bilguswell it can be flipped but atm at the first item it is blank at the last item its showin the whole image
23:26:00_bilgusand its reversed top to bottom
23:26:11_bilgusthe order not the image
23:26:16hactaroh, goofy
23:26:34hactarso, not quite up to the lofty standards set by %pb
23:27:33_bilgusmaybe it can't be flipped it just flips out when you do things it doesnt like
23:31:50_bilgusidk its not something I really can get dragged into ATM but I agree it needs fixed ;/
23:35:02_bilgusoh it appears to have flags
23:41:15_bilgusI think this works if you get the incatation right
23:50:08_bilgushah yes
23:51:38_bilgusso image defines the backbar and slider is a preloaded image

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