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#rockbox log for 2022-05-24

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04:09:00Arsenseems that rockbox is susceptible to the weezer problem
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08:00:20_bilgusits sweater unravels?
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10:47:36Arsen_bilgus: it packs all albums under the same (artist,album) combination into one list in the database
10:48:20Arsenfor weezer specifically, the year should be enough of a distinguishing factor, but I suppose that's not true in the general case
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12:59:14hombrelaserHello, I'm currently using rockbox on an iPod video, and can't find the scrobbling option anywhere on the playback config. I'm currently on the commit version 8523fadbb-220522
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13:07:57sporkit is now a plugin
13:08:47sporkhombrelaser: see,54165.0.html
13:11:25hombrelaserI've enabled the plugin, thanks for the help
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13:29:02Arsenthat got me to look into the plugin list, I saw resistor.rock
13:29:05Arsenthis makes me happy ;D
14:19:55Arsenah, also, on occasion I have pauses between tracks of a few seconds, usually that RB is unresponsive on. how can I debug this?
14:20:02Arsenit seems to be related to the size of covers and metadata
14:31:05sporkfind the track that causes the problem
14:31:37sporkcreate a copy without covers, a copy without metadata, find the cause
14:33:22sporklarge embedded images cause problems for others too
14:55:30Arsenah, fair
14:55:34Arsendidn't think of that
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