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#rockbox log for 2022-05-26

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05:10:39maisiHi, is there an emulator image for rockbox?
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06:34:26_bilgusmaisi we have sdl simulators of devices is that what you mean?
06:37:17maisi_bilgus: yeah. where can i find them?
06:38:10_bilgusi'm not sure if any windows ones are current but I think someone has pre compile images
06:40:35_bilgusit says ' Note: UIsimulator build is currently broken for MS Windows. Here is a possible workaround. ' so probably nothing current for windows yet
06:41:06maisithat's fine, i'm not using windows anyway.
06:41:08maisithank you.
06:41:38_bilgusoh good, yw
06:42:42sporkmingw is not ideal for windows sim builds anyway
06:42:52sporkwsl is much more convenient
06:43:58_bilguswindows is not ideal.
06:44:07_bilgusfixes that :p
06:47:03sporkwindows is one of the best available operating systems to run windows applications
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11:23:10saratoga_bilgus:  that note about the UI sim being broken is from 2011
11:23:33saratogaits definitely possible to build it (Rasher is making builds)
11:24:04saratogaalthough i got stuck recently trying to build it on windows using unix services for windows on win10, but that might be my own fault
11:26:08sporkrasher's are from 2018
11:26:55saratogai'm pretty sure I built it as recently as 2019 or so
11:27:22sporki built m3k and q1 sims this winter on WSL on windows
11:27:27sporkthat worked ok
11:28:18saratogadid these instructions work?
11:29:20sporkyes, though i might have disabled some plugins
11:29:31sporkwhere did you get stuck ?
11:29:53saratogai'll delete that note in the wiki then
11:31:46saratogai think my WSL might be screwed up, i need to delete and reinstall
11:31:54saratogaif I get stuck again I will ping you for help
11:31:57saratogahave to run
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11:32:20sporkmikmod i commented out indeed
11:32:27sporkbut i did not get that error
11:32:59sporki will dig up my build environment and check against current source
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