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#rockbox log for 2022-05-29

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10:42:25manjaroi3Hello, anyone have experience with the error message "NAND open error" in the recovery menu? Trying to install the native port on a surfans f20, but it seems the internal flash can't be accessed...
10:45:47manjaroi3Which is an Eros Q clone btw.
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12:38:25manjaroi3gtg, but if anyone has an idea, I've also posted in the surfans/erosq forum thread
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15:14:28Arsengod damn, ipod cables are so awful
15:15:01Arsenis there anything I can do to get data off an ipod more reliably than a normal 30pin or whatever connector?
15:20:22hactarsome people have replaced the dock connectors with usb-c etc
15:20:28hactarbut it requires a lot of very delicate soldering
15:22:00Arsenyeah, that's what I was thinking of doing too
15:22:11Arsenhow delicate are we talking? is a video/pictures of that available somewhere
15:22:37ArsenI can do *some* fine soldering work, but I don't have much practice with SMD and my tools are frankly crap
15:24:46q3kthe 30 pin connector's pitch isn't that bad
15:24:58q3kyou should be able to just use a hot air gun to yeet it
15:26:24q3kthen you should just have to solder 4 wires to the new connector, and somehow fit it to the case/pcb
15:29:56q3kthat's a neat pcb design
15:44:19braewoodswhat's so bad about the cables?
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17:29:43hactar_bilgus i finally got around to testing out that sbs you pasted. it does an interested (albeit broken) effect on my sim
17:29:50hactarbut it doesn't actually produce a scrollbar
17:30:08hactarthis is ipodvideo sim, using whatever the prebuilt windows build is
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20:22:20_bilguseh so perhaps there is something fixed in newer builds then I suspect\
20:22:53hactarwere you testing it on the latest? or 3.15
20:25:01hactarlooks like the sim builds are jan 2018, so about 2 years behind 3.15
20:26:44hactari'll try 3.15 in a minute
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21:09:26hactari unzipped 3.15 and had it replace the existing files, but in the sim the version still reads as that 2018 dev build
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