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#rockbox log for 2022-06-15

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12:38:35Dookhactar: Came up with a neat solution for your squared scrollbar if you're interested (
12:39:23DookMight require some trial and error to work, tested it on a few different themes and it only worked on one
12:41:34hactarhow would you get it to display only in situations where the scrollbar is drawn?
12:42:38hactarcause i thought about just using %dr to draw a rectangle around the whole bar (and thus eliminating the need for bitmaps) but i couldn't get the scrollbar conditional tag to work
12:42:55hactaralthough maybe that's because the build i was using (3.15) was old
13:02:23DookUsing the conditional tag would probably be the only way. The 4 dots are pretty obvious when it's not there
13:02:37DookI'll try give it a quick test
13:12:27DookTried the LB tag on it's own and in an if tag and neither worked
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13:18:18hactari still think corner radius ought to be configurable in settings
13:18:49hactarhave yet to set up a build environment (not that i think i could necessarily do much with it)
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13:51:14hactarmake: *** [all] Error 2
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14:44:52hactar|antany of you folks build on osx?
14:50:40hactar|antmake: arm-elf-eabi-gcc: No such file or directory
14:50:47hactar|antand apparently i'm too incompetent to troubleshoot
14:53:58speachyyou need a toolchain to build with.
14:54:14speachydon't know if those scripts will run cleanly on osx.
14:54:34hactar|anti already made two modifications to
14:54:42hactar|antbut that might be the limit of my abilities
14:55:22hactar|antthat file is supposed to set up the toolchain no?
14:55:37speachywhoops, yes.
14:56:44speachyyou'll ahve to make sure the place where the toolchains are built ends up on the PATH
14:57:15speachybeyond that though, I can't comment if (for example) MacOS's security stuff preveents locally-compiled stuff from running.
14:57:35hactar|anti'm not certain it successfully installed it in the first place
15:03:47hactar|antunfortunately my only linux machine at the moment is a glorified netbook
15:04:26speachymacos isn't terribly friendly to developers. or at least not if you step outside of xcode, anyway.
15:05:10hactar|anti figured it would be a lot easier than cygwin bs on win7
15:06:27speachyonce upon a time, perhaps.
15:07:10sporka linux vm would be easiest
15:11:19blbro[m]I did successfully compile on macOS. But that was years ago, and needed extra stuff from homebrew since mac doesn't ship it by default.
15:12:09blbro[m]Easiest these days is Linux, Linux VM or WSL.
15:14:35sporkon macos, that limits you to a linux vm i think
15:14:52hactar|anti was also hoping to build sims for osx
15:14:52sporkon windows, wsl works quite well too
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15:28:05hactar|anti'm trying the script again but this time a −−arm
15:28:09hactar|antseems to be getting farther than before
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15:31:19hactar|antwell shit
17:17:59_bilgus__vmware and virtual box run on osx do a VM of ubuntu or something
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17:18:51_bilgus__i wouldn't recommend the 2016 version here since its so old but it probably still works
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17:28:26hactar|anti'm setting it up on my netbook, it's just gonna take a million years
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20:54:22hactar|anti'm a bit confused as to why commenting out lines 145-148 of scrollbar.c did not result in square corners
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21:45:06hactar|antthis is baffling
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