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#rockbox log for 2022-06-16

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03:23:02__builtinany interest around here in a python port?
03:23:35__builtinI've been digging around the CPython source more than I care to admit in recent days
03:24:49sporkport rockbox to python? or python to rockbox?
03:27:06__builtinpython to rockbox, as a plugin
03:27:15__builtina la "lua.rock"
03:28:55__builtinit would open up some cool opportunities for ports, and hopefully make writing plugins easier for new devs
03:29:24__builtinI would argue that python is far more popular than lua nowadays
03:29:30braewoodsisn't regular python VERY fat?
03:30:04braewoodsif your aim is python, what about micropython?
03:30:51braewoodssince many native ports are similar to embedded i would think a lightweight python is prefered
03:31:41__builtinisn't micropython more oriented towards microcontrollers (i.e. bitbanging GPIOs) instead of application software?
03:31:57__builtinmy understanding of micropython is admittedly pretty minimal
03:31:59braewoodsyea, but rockbox does a lot of that also.
03:32:27braewoodscan't see how you'd adapt regular CPython to native honestly. It was designed for hosted C typically.
03:32:39__builtinI think the end goal of scripting languages in rockbox is usually porting applications, no?
03:32:51__builtinall the low-level stuff we can do in C
03:32:53*braewoods shrugs.
03:33:17braewoodsLua was designed for application scripting.
03:33:20__builtinand of course, it won't be an easy port
03:34:21__builtinbut that's par for the course
03:34:34braewoodsi don't see the value in python here but w/e.
03:34:34__builtin(looking at you, duke3d...)
03:34:52braewoodspython would probably run too slowly on most of the RB ports that are native
03:35:07braewoodsmaybe the x1000 being an exception
03:35:24__builtinadmittedly, part of my motivation behind doing this is finding an excuse to do a port again
03:49:40__builtinCPython has apparently been ported to the Nintendo DS and iPodLinux, so rockbox ought to be a feasible target
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10:35:37_bilgus____builtin, I was looking into it last time we talked about this, I was worried about the RAM requirements but that only excludes the bottom end of our devices glad to have you hacking around whatever you decide :)
10:36:17speachymicropython should do well, but I don't know if that's sufficiently "pythonish" to be generally useful.
10:37:25speachybut I have to imagine that full cpython is going to be quite an undertaking due to our very limited libc.
10:38:00speachybut hey, far be it for any of us to tell you that your irrational obsessions aren't worth spending your time on. :D
10:38:26_bilgus__I had started messing around with micropython at some point but I decided it wasn't much better than lua with some tweaks
10:39:08speachyit has the benefit of (a lot) more developer mindshare, as there are several popular microcontroller environments that utilize it now.
10:40:47Arsenhaving been along the ride of porting python to a new libc (aka expanding a libc to be able to host it), it's actually not that bad
10:40:54Arsenmaybe it works out
10:42:00speachyoh, there's also this:
10:42:15speachythey wrote this thing using python IIRC and it's running on an STM32 microcontroller.
10:42:50speachynevermind, c++
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