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#rockbox log for 2022-06-20

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00:14:37kkffiirrI have installed yesterday's daily build on my zen x-fi3
00:15:41kkffiirrAfter setting a theme the screen went white, after pressing the reset button, the device became a brick, nothing on the screen and the pc doesn't identify it....
00:16:04kkffiirrAny insights on what can be done and what happened there?
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00:53:58_bilgus__kkffiirr, likely its stuck have to wait for it to run down unless there is a reset pinhole or something
00:57:31kkffiirrI pushed the reset pin hole
00:57:54kkffiirrNow it is not responsive and recognized
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04:58:55kkffiirrOkay, I had opened it, shorted the battery for two seconds and then it worked
04:59:06kkffiirrGuess it was frezzed in deep level
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07:31:20LambdaCalculus37@speachy Don't know if you saw before, but I had an aarch64 build of RBUtil 1.5.1 up on the forums for some time now:
07:32:13LambdaCalculus37Tested it with my iriver H320 and successfully installed a newer build and a theme with it.
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17:54:35_bilgus__im honestly surprised shorting the battery didn't blow the fuse on the battery but good now I just wonder why a theme was able to take his device down
18:00:41braewoods_bilgus__: depends on the design, but i guess they didn't want to wait for the battery to drain.
18:01:31braewoodsdepending on the protection circuit, it could just disconnect the load circuit until the short is remedied
18:01:53braewoodsi've used BMS where a short circuit will cause the load circuit to be disconnected until it is reconnected
18:02:06_bilgus__I don't have very good luck with that :p
18:03:24braewoodsa properly sized resistor could also protect against external shorts by acting as a CC limiter
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20:18:56_bilgus__that was dumb
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