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#rockbox log for 2022-07-06

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04:56:55SonoSooSgood (UGT) morning
04:57:25sporkhappy (UGT) wednesday
04:58:27SonoSooSI've been porting Rockbox to a new device since the past month with mostly success, however I have encountered some hurdles I am unable to overcome with all the information I'm able to find, plus reading of the source code and lots of debugging
04:59:06SonoSooSI am simply unable to search for the issues I'm encountering, as they are "user problems" as opposed to developer problems
04:59:33sporkwhich device are you targetting ?
05:00:17SonoSooSI would've downloaded the entire IRC history in hopes of the problems I'm encountering having been discussed, however considering that navigating the wiki takes >10seconds for each page, I am hugely afraid to start scraping the logs with no obvious mass-download options in sight
05:00:47SonoSooSoh, it's a Nintendo 3DS (~268MHz CPU, 128Megs of RAM plus some extra, and two screens)
05:01:19sporkcool, that is an unusual device for rockbox
05:02:28SonoSooSI've been aleady using it as a music player, but my DIY music player held together by jank and memory corruption, I thought I would try Rockbox, considering how much I have heard about it, and I liked the demos I have seen of it
05:02:38gevaertsI'm pretty sure the irc logs are a *lot* lighter on the server than the wiki, which has a history of being annoying that way
05:04:11SonoSooSoh, that's good to know. two seconds of rate limit should yield around four hours of download time, sounds reasonable, assuming I don't get IP banned for scraping
05:05:23gevaertsI can't promise that, I'm not the server admin :)
05:05:58sporkunfortunately speachy is not around, he might be able to zip the history up for you
05:10:03SonoSooSoh, I see. I guess I won't rush it then (and I'd also need to write a script anyways), I'm too afraid to cause a DoS or something
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05:26:20gevaertsSonoSooS: I uploaded the irc logs I downloaded back in 2010 to"> . That still leaves a 12 year gap to today, but it's a start :)
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05:26:36SonoSooSoh nice, thank you
05:27:52gevaertsLet me know when you have it. I sometimes have a tendency to leave that sort of file around for too long, so cleaning up immediately is always good
05:28:11SonoSooSI downloaded it successfully
05:41:24SonoSooSI think I have severely underestimated the amount of files I have to grind through using a way too primitive meth
05:41:28SonoSooS* method (grep)
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12:28:55hactar|antdamn they left
12:29:07hactar|anti'd be happy to test out a 3ds build
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