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#rockbox log for 2022-07-28

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17:44:04popcorn9499[m]i attempted to load the simulator on my linux system for rockbox and it compiled without error however all i am getting is a blank window of it isnt even drawing to that window
17:54:25popcorn9499[m]I have determined my issue is related to graphics because its responding to keyboard input and outputting to console when i press for example the "u" key
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21:36:40_bilgus popcorn what linux version and how are you invoking it?
21:39:28popcorn9499[m]im running arch linux kernel 5.15.53 and im just invoking it with the command `rockboxui`
21:41:40_bilgusmy guess would be hardware video acceleration
21:42:04popcorn9499[m]what would be the best way to debug that?
21:44:10_bilgustry ./rockboxui −−old_lcd
21:44:35popcorn9499[m]no better results
21:44:44popcorn9499[m]same exact look of the ui
21:45:08_bilgusthen look up how to disable hardware video acceleration for your arch
21:45:34popcorn9499[m]what specific hardware video acceleration does rockboxui do?
21:46:46_bilgusnone that I know of and I haven't had any issues across multiple distros and vms
21:47:08popcorn9499[m]ah fair enough. is it hardware video encode decode acceleration that you are referring to?
21:48:06_bilgusyes the other thing might be that its off screen somewhere
21:48:40_bilguslike showing up off in space or something though i'm not sure how you would force it back if so
21:49:11popcorn9499[m]i see the window on my screen but i guess maybe. ill look into that thank you
21:49:51_bilgusoh its just not rendering
21:50:08popcorn9499[m]ye 100% just not rendering
21:50:23_bilgusmaybe try changing resolution of the monitor and see
21:50:38_bilgusit could still be draing it in the wrong place i suppose
21:51:00popcorn9499[m]ah ya true. ill give that a shot in a bit
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