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#rockbox log for 2022-07-29

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13:21:44zylonmasteranyone have a solution to sansa fuze v2 repair question, different?
13:22:13zylonmasterI don't know if links are allowed,
13:22:22zylonmasterits a repair question on rockbox forum
13:22:50zylonmasteris this true: From what I can tell the Fuze v1 and v2 have the same physical size so I would assume that a replacement battery will fit in both. I only have one Fuze myself so I cannot compare.
13:22:50zylonmasterThe battery you link seems to have the right properties (3.7V, 550mAh, the correct dimensions). But without having tried that exact battery, it is impossible to 100% say it will work.
13:23:08zylonmasterIll be nearby in case you guys answer
13:23:16zylonmastergonna eat first, but yeah
13:24:36zylonmastersomeone said I should talk to speachy about this
13:25:54zylonmasterbtw, father is an engineer in case you think it would be impossible for me to get it fixed
13:26:07zylonmasterlet me know if you have an answer @speachy
13:28:04zylonmasteror anyone
13:44:41speachysorry, don't have an answer on the fuze battery; I spent a ton of time chasing down batteries for the xDuoo X3, but not the Fuze
13:45:08paulcarroty@zylonmaster, lol, links are allowed, you're not inside warez board. Same case, battery but different chipset. You can try another 3.7V battery to check it out.
13:45:09speachyfuze v1 and v2 use he same battery IIRC.
13:51:16speachyyeah, just convirmed by digging through my fuze graveyard.
13:52:31speachyv1 and v2 have the same battery
13:52:52speachybe very careful though, the fiex cable for the controls is _very_ delicate.
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13:58:45zylonmasterlol ok
13:59:04zylonmasterhmm sure
13:59:19zylonmasterbrb if I have any othrer thoughts
13:59:35speachythat's why I have ...five dead fuzes. :)
14:00:41speachyso if anyone needs a display or logic board for a fuze, let me know
14:00:57speachyI have one or two decent cases I think too
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14:38:43sporkunopened they are fairly indestructible
14:38:59sporkmy fuze went through the laundry twice and still works
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15:04:54paulcarrotyfuze definitely should be in RB Hall of Fame
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19:26:56LongclawI think I might still have my old sansa clip+ somewhere around, its screen died on me back in 2019
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