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#rockbox log for 2022-08-03

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16:25:41lpil-48547575Hello friends! I have fond memories of using rockbox many years ago and was looking to pick it up again. Can anyone recommend a budget player with good capacity and battery life? I would like to load  it up with DJ mixes to power the background music at my friend's weekend camping trip. Audio quality less important as it'll be feeding my rubbish
16:25:41lpil-48547575home-made solar powered soundsystem.
16:28:06braewoodslpil-48547575: depends honestly. most of the good ports are stuff that is hard to find for one reason or another.
16:29:16braewoodshow much labor are you willing to put in?
16:38:10lpil-48547575Not much unfortunately
16:38:53lpil-48547575If there's no obvious winner I'll probably just be a bit sad and use the stock firmware on whatever without that rockbox nostalgia factor
16:42:55braewoodsyou'll have to wait then. there's *some* new options but i don't know them right now.
16:43:05braewoodssomeone else knows it better.
16:43:21braewoodsI just know most of the other options requires work to get the old stuff in working order.
16:43:22hactar|anti think? that most people here just use older players
16:43:29hactar|antsome of which can be gotten very cheaply
16:44:18braewoodsmost of the time it's just minor work; new battery and storage
16:53:48lpil-48547575Ah well
16:53:49lpil-48547575Thanks gang
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16:54:41popcorn9499[m]every few times i hook my ipod classic into my windows 11 or 10 pc ive started to get a new issue where in device manager it displays... (full message at
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