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#rockbox log for 2022-08-22

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01:11:53mixfix41im in yellowstone as a seasonal worker and i took the greyhound and i finally got into the extras (beside music) of rockbox. So friggin cool!!!!
01:12:45mixfix41nothing like sitting in a employee dining room and turning on matrix visuals or plasma 8-D
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10:15:17speachyrockbox is like emacs in that respect; it's a complete operating system that just happens to play music
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12:13:50blebanyone know if rockbox on a gen 4 ipod can keep track of which podcast episodes you've listened to?
12:14:15blebseems like the stock firmware doesn't which is a bit of a pain
12:23:34hactar|anti have a 4th gen but i don't listen to podcasts so i've never explored that sort of feature
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12:41:14bonswouar[m]Hi, I've been having an issue with my xDuo X3II for some time, I don't know what changed but it now always run the "Updater V 1.1" at boot, "update" successfully, and then restart and go for a loop. I've been able few times to boot normally but except waiting for my battery to be empty I don't really know how to 😄
12:41:27bonswouar[m]Any idea what could be the cause? And there's no way to factory reset or something?
12:42:20speachyI think that means the main flash is corrupted.
12:42:33bonswouar[m](I've tried to simply remove the `update.upt` file but then it says "Insert TF Pls"
12:42:36speachybut you could try removing the file 'update.upt' from the sd card and see what happens
12:42:46bonswouar[m]* TF Pls")
12:43:01speachytried replacing the update.upt file with the latest from xduoo?
12:43:15bonswouar[m]that's what it looks like yeah 😥
12:43:18speachyif that still screws up, then your flash is probably toast.
12:43:24bonswouar[m]yeah I've actually only tried with 1.3 from xduoo
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12:43:44speachyhmm. you could try the patched rb firmware image instead?
12:44:05speachythe entering-the-updater is the failsafe from the flash bootloader
12:44:32bonswouar[m]yeah I'm gonna try that!
12:45:42bonswouar[m]I just have to rename X3II-v13-patched.upt to update.upt right? (I've installed rockbox and everything a long time ago I don't really remember haha)
14:00:29bonswouar[m]speachy: well it doesn't seem to help much :(
14:00:29bonswouar[m]It sometimes get stuck at the booting xduo splash screen, sometimes update loop...
14:00:49bonswouar[m]So my internal flash is dead? I can throw it in the trash ? :'(
14:01:12speachythat's what it sounds like.
14:01:35bonswouar[m]I've used it like 100h total though, that's disapointing
14:01:38speachyyou could open it up to get the serial console and see what's actually going on but given that it sometimes almost works.. my money's on the flash going ba.d
14:01:51speachycomplain to xduoo, they might actually do something
14:03:31bonswouar[m]I'll give it a try, thanks for your advices!
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14:33:39paulcarrotybleb, auto bookmarks
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15:33:03blebpaulcarroty: elaborate
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