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#rockbox log for 2022-09-08

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05:00:36NulielHello, I would like to create a plugin for rockbox but I have some problems to compile it on ubuntu 22.04. I followed . I had some problems by running configure because generates filenames like arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi-gcc, and configure expect filenames like arm-elf-eabi-gcc.
05:00:37NulielSo I renamed all these files in /usr/local/bin. Now configure works, but I can't compile. My target is a Sony NWZ-E384, and the stable version of rockbox runs well on this target. The error during compilation is "No rules to make the target " /home/USERNAME/rockbox/build/cpuinfo-linux.h », necessary for  «
05:00:37Nuliel/home/USERNAME/rockbox/build/apps/debug_menu.o ». Stop.". I don't know if it has a link but my username contains a "@" and a dot. Do you have some ideas to compile successfully rockbox?
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05:08:45gevaertsNuliel: I'm not sure renaming those files is a good idea, but maybe it doesn't hurt... I know rockbox at least used to have issues when building in a directory with a space somewhere in the path, so *maybe* that @ would be problematic too? I kind of doubt it, but I'm not sure
05:10:23gevaertsThe "linux" in the toolchain makes me think those are compilers for some of the hosted ports. I don't know a lot about those...
05:10:32gevaertsWhat device are you compiling for?
05:12:02Nulielgevaerts:if I don't rename the files, I have errors like "../tools/configure: 1: arm-elf-eabi-gcc: not found". I will try on another pc with ubuntu 20.04 and a username without special characters
05:12:31NulielI would like to compile for a Sony NWZ-E384
05:17:00gevaertsOk. That's a "traditional" target. Which compiler did you build with ? Sounds like you picked "arm-linux", the E380 series needs "arm". I can see how the help text provided by rockboxdev is a bit confusing there if you don't follow these things
05:19:47Nulieloh, ok. I chose arm-linux because it was written "x   - arm-linux  (Generic Linux ARM: Samsung ypr0, Linux-based Sony NWZ)", I try with "arm"
05:20:33gevaertsYes. The important part there is "Linux-based", which is obvious once you know, but not very helpful otherwise
05:22:15gevaertsI just did a build locally in /tmp/qqa.qqb@qqc/rockbox/build so I think the @ and . are not an issue. It's probably just the toolchain
05:34:51gevaertsBah, it's been a while since I tried to commit anything... That of course means that things broke
05:41:58gevaertsOk, I proposed which hopefully will help other people in the future
05:46:11Nulielgood idea for the modification of the message, it should be clearer. I launched compilation of rockbox, with the good toolchain it works better :)
05:46:11NulielThank you for your help! Time to write a new plugin :)
05:50:15gevaertsHave fun!
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10:53:11NulielI've done a stupid thing: I've written a plugin for my Sony NWZ-E384, but because of my plugin, my device is frozen... Is there a technique to force the reboot, or should I just wait that battery runs out?
11:01:14gevaertsNuliel: I've never seen those up close so I don't know, but seems to say there's one of those holes with a reset button
11:02:20Nulielyes, but when I push the reset button even during 20s, it does nothing :/
11:03:26gevaertsHmm, I don't know then
11:03:37gevaertsThere must be a way
11:04:26gevaertsHang on
11:05:29gevaertsI was hoping would have something, but that's about recovery mode, not reset
11:08:53Nulieland there is nothing when I plug in usb (nothing on dmesg also :/ )
11:10:23Nulielbut the lcd of device is on, so battery will run out quickly I imagine
11:10:42gevaertsYou could try pressing it for longer, but on that sort of hidden reset button I wouldn't expect that to be needed
11:17:13NulielI tried pressing during one minute, I think it's a soft reset
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11:21:42gevaertsMaybe someone else will know and tell us, or maybe someone on the forums knows?
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11:25:10NulielI've found a way to disassemble it ( ), I will look at the reset pin
11:26:13Nuliel(and I'm happy to learn that I can change the battery :) )
11:50:04gevaertsThat means you can put a switch in there too! :)
12:09:24Nulielyes, but during the disassembly, I've broken my device :sob:
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