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#rockbox log for 2022-09-13

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08:33:46_bilgus1 week + zero posters with generic email names = bot
08:34:33_bilgusmy formula
08:35:28_bilgus2 wrong guesses so far lol
08:36:17gevaertsI'm not sure that's sensible. "generic email names" is vague, and I know I have (or at least had) this tendency to register to forums without posting just to have them keep track if what I've seen
08:41:22_bilgusidk after the 2000+ zero posters from the other side of the dates I decided it was a pretty good method
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08:42:08_bilgusread from 2015 ish
08:43:04_bilgusthe mo is either register then have a good post later change to spam or zero post and wait a few months then spam
08:43:28gevaertsI know. It's tricky...
08:44:48_bilgusI figure having a message is kinda like a bit of inconvenience but basically a captcha in the end
08:47:32_bilgusprove you are a human with the ability to use IRC web client?
08:57:13gevaertsMaybe we need a post on the forums in "Administration / Forum business" clarifying all those things. I don't know what the right policies are (and I don't really want to be in charge, I'm not actually active in the project these days), but I do think getting it all coordinated would be good
08:58:09gevaertsRight now there's a few people looking at the forums every now and then, all with their own ideas of what the best course of action is. I don't think it's *hurt* us yet, but I also don't think it's great :)
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11:30:55braewoodslet's fact it, there's no best solution for spam.
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