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#rockbox log for 2022-10-01

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06:35:28amachronichas anyone tested a recent daily build on an m:robe 500?
06:36:44amachronicthe author of that port warned me the HAVE_VIEWPORT_CLIP patch I committed recently might cause problems.
06:37:06amachronicbut he doesn't have an m:robe 500 himself anymore
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08:15:35sporkamachronic: does your shanling q1 ever get beyond 91% when charging ?
08:16:18amachronicusually it gets to 99%
08:16:50amachronicsome bug stops it from saying 100% :(
08:16:58sporkhmm, mine has never gotten over 91 in rockbox
08:17:52sporkif then reboot to the of, it is 100 or close to it
08:18:19sporknot a real problem, was just curious
08:19:15amachronicnormally it should stay at 4.2 V once it hits the constant voltage phase of charging
08:19:53amachronicthe 90% point in rockbox is 4.185 V, 100% is 4.196 V
08:20:15sporki will check in debug next time
08:20:33sporki am sure the curve will go flat so it is full
08:21:02amachronicyour voltage is must be a bit lower than mine for some reason
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08:23:18amachronicmaybe I should just lower the value in RB, that 90-100% region is way too flat.
08:24:00sporkthe result counts
08:24:15sporkthe indicator in the of is way more nuts
08:24:30sporkit plays on for hours when it is 'red'
08:25:12amachronici've been meaning to do a battery bench run for the Q1/M3K and get some current - voltage drop data
08:25:37amachronicbut it takes a _long_ time :)
08:28:40sporkif it takes a long time, your batteries are still good
08:28:55sporki think mine are fading slightly already
08:30:10amachronicbtw, I did open up my Q1 a while back
08:30:35amachronicI dropped it, and the backlight started flickering out
08:31:06amachronicthe screen is easily removed with a suction cup −− no glue, only clips.
08:31:44sporklose connector to the screen ?
08:32:01amachronicstrangely, no; apparently this metal box around the SoC came loose
08:32:16amachronicwhen I reattached it the screen worked again
08:32:34amachronicI didn't take pics unfortunately as I didn't have a good camera around
08:32:45sporkmust have been some knock then
08:33:17amachronicthe battery IS removable though. it's a 3-pin variety with molex socket IIRC, and there looks to be quite a lot of space for a bigger one.
08:34:08sporkseems shanlings are quite repairable
08:34:09amachronicmine was 1100mAh
08:35:15sporki just ordered a new battery for my m0, just in case
08:35:54sporkwould be interesting to know the dimensions for the q1
08:36:43sporkperhaps i should open the q1 when i have the suction cup that comes with the m0 battery
08:36:57amachronici didn't measure my battery unfortunately
08:37:12sporki am sure those shanling devices will survive their batteries
08:37:17amachronici wasn't able to lift the PCB fully out of the case because of how it was attached to the scroll wheel.
08:37:21sporkthey seems very well made
08:37:30amachronicthat they do.
08:38:00spork1100 is nice, m0 is only 600 iirc
08:38:32sporkgetting to the m3k's battery is less easy
08:40:20sporki still use the q1 and m3k almost daily. never played a single file in the m3k's of
08:47:41sporkthis explains how to open m0, i imagine q1 is similar:
08:49:47amachronicyeah that's nearly identical
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09:06:11sporknobody seems to sell q1 batteries
09:06:18sporkmaybe they are immortal
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10:00:07braewoodsGuest3388: It's a weird name because it's not in the same vein directly but ARM is more common in their hardware ports.
10:01:23Guest3388can anyone tell me what this thing is doing add x29,sp,#0x50 its arm there are three arguments and it has an add so is it like x29 = sp+#0x50 or something?
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16:57:50speachyGuest3388: don't have the context, but yeah, add x, y, #z is DEST = SRC + CONST; so x29 = stack pointer + 0x50
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18:31:52MarcAndersenHi. I have a strange problem with the daily voice files for i.e. the ipod nano 1g and gigabeat s where it says the numbers completely wrong like bishup queen queen or something. It works on the clip zip and c200. Can you reproduce this?
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19:58:06speachythat seems like you have the wrong voice for the build you're running
19:58:47speachy"recent" builds try to be a lot stricter with mismatched voice files
19:58:59speachy(sometime post-3.15...)
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