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#rockbox log for 2022-10-08

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05:57:16bluebrother^speachy: can we remove all Rockbox Utility binaries up to and including 1.4.*? Seems people continue trying to use them, and they will fail due to the SSL stuff.
05:57:47bluebrother^(IMO there's no need to remove the sources though)
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09:17:24CH23i'm trying to change the frequency of the 'click' on the iPod classic, but the code confuses me.
09:21:51CH23i thought I had to change line 93 ( piezo_start(22, 457); ) but this does not affect the sounds in any way
09:30:43buZzCH23: some piezo's are only able to make single tones
09:30:52buZzthey are more 'sound generators' than raw piezos
09:31:29buZzi would assume its the 'force' parameter there, though
09:31:39buZzas thats the only parameter thats affecting the sound
09:32:08CH23buZz: the tone in the original OS versus rockbox is different, rockbox' is higher-pitched
09:32:12buZzstatic void piezo_start(unsigned short cycles, unsigned short periods)
09:32:14buZzoh yeah
09:32:28buZzCH23: so disasm the original code? :D
09:33:45CH23no i mean, the device is able to make different sounds if it's different between the OG OS and RockBox
09:34:36CH23i've actually replaced the piezo with a taptic engine as well
09:34:38buZzstill, what does 'force' affect on your build?
09:34:47buZzwith a -motor- ?
09:34:57CH23yes, with a motor :P
09:34:57buZzi'm amazed that doesnt kill the driver behind it :D
09:36:51CH23buZz, I don't see force defined anywhere apart from line 93 and 95, but i don't hear any difference no matter how i change it
09:37:14CH23i mean, i think the second number is the force, right?
09:37:42buZzvoid piezo_button_beep(bool beep, bool force)
09:37:48buZzoh, its a boolean :O
10:04:06CH23it seems this was discussed once before here, but I can't make heads nor tails of that either:
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13:16:08hactar|antdamn, you replaced it with WHAT
13:16:21hactar|antdo you have pictures of that
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18:01:45_builtinspeachy: what was the rationale for removing mpegplayer?
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