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#rockbox log for 2022-10-12

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06:41:15speachyothello7: I noticed your use of the past tense. As in you "used" to use it; a quarter of your storage "was" used for video, and so forth. I'm not trying to be a contrarian here but that does seem to support my point about its usefulness in today's world.
06:42:37speachy...the overwhelming majority of rockbox's remaining users are not technically inclined. "whipping up a bash script" is not a solution.
06:44:45speachythe only reason to carry a rockbox'd device in today's world is for kickass, fully accessible audio playback. A smartphone can be had for half the price of even the cheapest rockbox-capable device, and does everything other than audio far better.
06:45:21speachythe DAP is the second device now, instead of the primary device it once was.
06:47:42speachyso I think I'll take a page from Linus Torvalds here and say this −− if mpegplayer truly matters, then submit a patch to bring it back −− and that patch will include your name in the maintainers document.
06:49:04speachyand yes, it absolutely is a maintainene burden right now. Granted with the removal of archos targets that got a bit simpler but it still had some substantial hooks into the rest of rockbox.
06:50:50speachyIt was the source of a lot of issues during the last toolchain update, and (heh) I still don't know if it actually still _worked_ still for the majority of our targets.
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07:27:39sporkbest to add a video conversion option to rockbox utility
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07:32:47amachronicspeachy: heh, and I just posted on the forums mpegplayer wasn't a maintanence burden _yet_ :P
07:33:03amachronicguess I may be proven wrong sooner rather than later
07:34:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f737e5025d, 303 builds, 7 clients.
07:50:54_bilgusamachronic, re the clip functions −− nice I like the direction
07:53:27amachronic_bilgus, thanks, and this is just the first of many cleanups - I'm slowly trying to tame the whole skin engine and viewport mess
07:54:45_bilgusIt can really use it, I did the buffer rewrite with the intention but i've been a bit otherwise occupied as of late
07:56:40amachronicI'd like to replace viewports eventually with a mini window system
07:57:04amachronicso we can have real popups and layered drawing
07:57:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1399 seconds.
07:57:38amachronicjust for the drawing though −− an event loop is probably taking it too far :)
07:57:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f737e5025d result: All green
07:58:43_bilguswindows 3.1 ran on a 90 mhz processor
07:59:08_bilguswell actually a 33dx but still
07:59:48amachronicit's more the effort of refactoring i was thinking of
08:00:26amachronicanyhow, i noticed that the LCD is getting redrawn a lot because nobody really owns it
08:00:35amachronicthe skin engine updates on its own
08:00:40amachronicthe main thread draws when it wants to
08:00:55amachronicthe scroll thread can draw over top of both of those :D
08:01:17amachronicit's way too confusing
08:01:38_bilgusI implemented some owner draw flags and the notion of dirty vp to mitigate some of that but yeah the underlying issue is one of ownership
08:02:26amachronicthat's what i'm hoping windows might address
08:02:42amachronicgive everything a window and a callback to draw stuff in the window
08:03:04amachronichave one central place to clear the screen and call all the draw callbacks
08:03:57amachronici actually have the window system part mostly done - I should finish it and upload it to gerrit
08:04:18amachronicproblem is I have no idea how to get from where we are to what I want
08:04:34amachronicso it's a bit useless atm
08:05:23amachronicthat's why i'm trying to simplify the current code and hopefully it'll get easier from there
08:06:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c607bfac6f, 303 builds, 7 clients.
08:06:19_bilgusprobably not but I'm sure itll be awesome once you figure it out
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08:18:54_bilgusoriginally I don't think anything handled non default strides I don't remember if that was me or someone else probably I should look
08:21:52amachronicI'm pretty sure you added that stuff
08:23:37amachronicdrawing on custom buffers is a thing I'm trying to avoid touching :)
08:24:27amachronicnow that all our targets are basically plain software framebuffer LCDs - we should really have an SDL surface style API for drawing instead of explicitly tying everything to the LCD.
08:25:35amachronicbut i don't see that as bringing much benefit other than "it's a nice API"
08:26:11amachronic(mis)using viewports for the purpose is good enough
08:27:12speachydamnit, the buildserver hiccupped again with a zero-result build...
08:27:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1305 seconds.
08:28:00rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c607bfac6f result: All green
08:30:10amachronicso that's what causes the builds table to turn huge. weird...
08:31:55_bilgusyeah I did, but the problem is that the viewport rect version does a second copy so that is slower but if it doesn't work faster is worthless in the case of update_vp
08:32:33speachyyeah, for some reason the buildserver things it loses contact with everyone and thus considers everythig failed.
08:33:22speachyI think some of that might be due to swapping? I think it's a system thing rather than the buildserver specifically, though I suppose it might make more sense to just sit and spin instead of outright failing a round.
08:34:00speachyamachronic: whenever it happens I try to resubmit the same build manually but when there are several queued up... it's toolate.
08:35:16speachyyeah, I think the server is a bit overloaded. or maybe the VM Host is a little overcommitted making it worse.
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11:29:39othello7speachy: ah, apologies for the miscommunication. I really should've used "is" anyway. you see I had been up until the point of a couple days ago when I pulled the latest source and built again. I'm probably going to revert back the changes to before I had pulled because of how much of a necessity mpegplayer is to me.
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11:36:50othello7I have actually made some neat changes to the rockbox source code, namely porting my game to rockbox, but its not polished enough yet, and also I cannot give my name online due to the fact that I dont want it connected to my youtube presence. I heard the name policy was to help with copyright issues, but perhaps someone else can push it on my behalf as it is GPL on my github account.
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20:17:44__builtin_bilgus: I don't think self-contained is technically feasible, unless we want to sacrifice lots of performance (I assume the hand-rolled asm YUV routines exist for a good reason)
20:18:22__builtinwe could, of course, move all the device-specific code into apps/plugins, but that's probably worse from a maintenance standpoint than keeping it in core
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