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#rockbox log for 2022-10-14

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08:31:21speachylooks like bluebot is MIA, so as a heads-up, the re-adding of mpegplayer is currently building.
08:31:42speachyI'm not terribly happy about it, but such is life. :)
08:33:17speachyothello7: you should be good to rebase against git master now
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09:03:12sporknext time you want a discussion, you know the approach
09:12:52sporkit is also a great way to notice how many people still use a feature and rockbox in general
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09:52:09speachythere's not much desire to nuke (working) features in general
09:53:37sporkno, but other than downloads it is hard to guess how popular/relevant a software project is
09:53:59speachywe don't even have that. :)
09:54:50sporkor even features
09:55:08speachySo on average mpegplayer is a 1.7K bump in core image size, ranging from ~300B to over 3KB.
10:01:51speachyit would be interesting though, adding some sort of analytics.
10:02:48speachyeg keep counters of every time a plugin is launched, along with our uptime, codec, players, etc. have rbutil collect and upload them.
10:03:11speachyunfortuantely rbutil is probably only ever used once, if ever...
10:03:16speachyno itunes-like lockin
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11:29:33amachronicspeachy: to my surprise I successfully built a freestanding mips C++ toolchain with GCC 12.
11:30:34amachronicthe options I used are here -> amachronic/31222be96330f85362751c3ee844b23b">
11:30:59amachronicthis does not work on GCC 8 though, I already tried.
11:36:05speachyah, thanks for that! glad to hear it's been fixed upstream. Maybe I should have been more ambitious..
11:40:26amachronicsticking with GCC 8 is probably ok for now
11:40:54amachronicc++ is still unusable because the rb headers do a lot of things that isn't legal in C++
11:40:58speachyThe odds of any c++ we'd want to use working in a pure freestanding environment are slim
11:41:22amachronicjust try turning on -Wc++-compat...
11:41:38speachywe already have C++ support turned on in our hosted toolchains fwiw.
11:41:51speachy... so I guess we should start cleaning up our headers. :)
11:42:19amachronicthat'll consume the next 2 years until we update to GCC 12 ;)
11:43:20amachronicand yeah, we are definitely going to need to port a hosted c++ stdlib to rockbox for it to be of any use.
11:45:51speachywhat does (eg) arm's mbed use?
11:47:54amachronicnot sure.
11:50:33amachronic"modern c++" is probably nightmarish on a microcontroller.
11:51:41speachyheh, less so than "older c++" :D
11:52:01amachronicyeah, there are some newer stdlib features like polymorphic allocators that could be useful.
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17:54:18othello7speachy: thanks! I just built latest. all this has reminded me about how great rockbox is and I'm probably gonna finish the dodgeblock rockbox port
17:56:13othello7one of the issues I have is that I couldn't find a bigger monospace font. I saw how to change the font but all available fonts are not fixed-width. I was thinking I might just do what the N64 port does which is to use a spritemap font and just have that be different based on the screen resolution.
18:08:19braewoodsothello7: you need a bitmap monospace font? I know one that covers a large range of options.
18:08:57braewoodsTerminus, Fixed (the original font used in X11 even), and maybe other Linux console fonts.
18:09:50braewoodsFixed had the most options that I recall. It might be possible to convert to a compatible format.
18:10:03braewoodsPCF fonts were the norm in the old days of X.
18:11:25braewoodsI used to love Fixed back in the lower DPI days. These days I prefer ttf and the like.
18:24:05othello7oh neat. I did have the font from my N64 project but this looks nice. The question is, how would one use a custom font other than just using a spritemap?
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18:45:57braewoodsothello7: no idea, not an expert on fonts for embedded setups. I just suggested some older ones that might work out if you can convert them to a compatible data stream.
18:53:29speachyIIRC we do have a monosppaced font, Terminus. not a full set of sizes but it's there.
18:55:08speachyit's also not installed by default but it part of the separate font pack
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23:40:20othello7ah, I wonder how one would address that consistently from a plugin. also would it be possible to draw text in a manner in which it would be easy to change the color?

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