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#rockbox log for 2022-10-16

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09:21:04grodziohi! i'd like to ask, which microsd card types are functional on a sandisk clip+ running rockbox? i know for sure that microSDHC will work, but what about the later types like microSDXC, larger than 32GB? thanks in advance.
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09:45:55amachronicgrodzio, SDXC should work in any rockboxed player that takes SDHC.
09:47:17amachronicthere's actually no difference between SDHC and SDXC in either the hardware or software interface.
09:49:24grodziogood to know, thank you. but i've heard that clip+ doesn't support more than 32GB. wouldn't that mean that an SDXC card larger than that wouldn't work?
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09:51:10amachronicit could be that the clip+ original firmware doesn't go above 32GB, but rockbox should handle it fine.
09:51:27amachronicthe only difference IIRC is that SDHC uses FAT32 and SDXC uses exFAT.
09:51:34amachronicor at least, that what the specs say.
09:52:25amachronicbecause, you know, microsoft doesn't like people creating a FAT32 bigger than 32 GB even though they work just fine, even in windows.
09:56:19_bilgusgrodzio, Clip+ Clip Zip here 128 GB works just fine, I havent used the OF in years but I haven't had issue
09:56:43_bilgusfor rockbox you must format FAT32
09:58:20grodziovery well, thank you.
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10:03:21_bilgusIn addition to those IIRC the program Rufus works too
10:04:17SerkeSansa Clip+ user reporting: some of the recent updates seem to have introduced a bug that messes up the ui. I can't pinpoint the particular revision where this issue first appeared, but e57b4f9099 was the last one I tried that worked fine for me.
10:05:02_bilgusSerke what is the issue
10:05:02amachronicSerke, have you tried the most recent dev build?
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10:09:18Serke_bilgus, white patches where the elements of ui should be and weird thick white lines where should be none
10:09:34Serkeamachronic, yes
10:11:56Serkeb16bae6fe6 was the last build I tried before reporting the issue, and it's affected too
10:12:54amachronic_bilgus if you want to bisect, it's probably one of my LCD commits that's bad.
10:13:46amachronici can only try on the sim and catching bugs that way failed me once already.
10:18:39_bilgusdigging out my clip+ as we speak
10:22:46SerkeThe easiest way to spot these glitches I guess would be to connect the device to pc via usb. You should immediately notice the huge thick lines at the top and the bottom.
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10:28:10amachronicit's happening on the simulator too.
10:29:58amachronic44b9785465fcb96f7544576b7657a47813625a01 is the first bad commit
10:30:21amachronic g#4666
10:30:24rb-bluebotGerrit review #4666 at : lcd: Move grayscale clear_viewport() to lcd-bitmap-common.c by Aidan MacDonald
10:36:09amachronicpretty sure it's the drawmode I screwed up
10:36:28amachroniclcd-bitmap-common.c line 240
10:39:23amachronicthe original code had a funny way of writing XOR
10:42:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8bf8036021, 303 builds, 7 clients.
10:43:02amachronicok, building the fix now.
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11:07:48_bilgussorry that sent me on a search for the charger for my sansa fuzev2
11:07:52_bilgusfound it
11:12:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1802 seconds.
11:12:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8bf8036021 result: All green
11:13:28sporknice that the simulator shows the same bugs
11:15:49rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5e864ecde9, 303 builds, 7 clients.
11:16:54amachronicthe simulator is awesome with asan + ubsan
11:17:30sporki need to reproduce/report a q1 issue
11:17:50amachronicok, what is is it?
11:18:06sporka crash when you cancel a delete action
11:18:19amachronicohhh I know that one but I have no idea what causes it.
11:18:43sporkyou did!
11:19:04sporkno idea if it happens on other device, i do not delete much
11:19:29amachronicit happens on the m3k as well
11:19:29_bilguswhats the crash message?
11:19:46spork'amachronic hates deletes'
11:21:04amachronic...really it's a bad pointer somewhere in the tree code.
11:21:32amachronici've given up trying to track anything down there since it's a awful mess.
11:22:24sporki can try and get the real message
11:23:33sporknow it just froze
11:23:50sporkdelete, 'no' to 'are you sure' and the it is stuck
11:25:18SerkeTried the most recent build, works like a charm now. Thank you so much, amachronic.
11:25:51sporkof course it does not always crash so there must be a precondition
11:26:07_bilgusamachronic, yes clip+ lcd that fixed it
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11:26:40_bilgussorry I wnet to the box of rockbox and saw all my neglected players
11:27:24amachronicit was a nice, boring, obvious bug fortunately.
11:27:55amachronicthe sim sure beats compile + copy rockbox to SD + reboot a real player
11:28:49_bilgusspork i'll try and repro on my device(s)
11:29:57amachronici cannot for the life of me figure out what makes it happen but I think, somehow, the tree buffer gets corrupted.
11:30:21_bilgusis it any file or just database backed files?
11:30:28amachronicsomething about swapping between the database and file browser sometimes makes it happen
11:30:46amachronicfor me the file delete bug happens after the file is deleted and I back out to the menu
11:30:48sporkany file
11:31:09_bilgusgot it
11:31:14_bilgusand reprod
11:31:17sporkalso when you cancel the delete and go back
11:31:29sporkbut now it is a freeze, before i am sure it was a crash
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11:35:14sporkwhich device are you reproducing it on, _bilgus ?
11:35:52sporkexcellent choice. i have on of those in my box of players
11:41:16_bilguspc points to font get odd
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12:01:36_bilgusamachronic, sure enough the crash happens in font_get core_get_data(buflib_allocations[font]); pf = &alloc->font;
12:02:01_bilgushad to chase it down with the beep function
12:06:17amachronicso the question is, is the buflib handle bad is the handle array bad?
12:08:18amachronic* or is
12:15:55_bilguswell forcing sysfont after core_get still crashed but prior to the core_get it stopped that crash but on return I get a scrolling line stating the directory I tried to delete
12:16:15_bilgusso maybe its the scroll engine
12:16:58amachronicah yeah that could be an issue - check for viewports on the stack that have a scrolling line.
12:17:05_bilguseventually I get a data abort
12:18:10_bilgusno prefetch abort sorry
12:28:32_bilgusputting in a lcd_scroll_stop after the call to gui_syncyesno_run in on_play.c - confirm_delete() fixes the issue
12:29:07amachronici think you're right it's likely this:
12:29:24amachronicremove_event_ex() needs to be done before scroll_stop_viewport()
12:29:54amachronicthe USB exit path is wrong too
12:30:40amachronicUSB exits need to pass the FOR_NB_SCREENS(i) loop too
12:32:00_bilgusmmm ok because it switches out the vp under it without stopping it
12:32:35_bilgusnice wonder if thats the vp stack underflow on usb unplug too
12:32:46_bilgusthat one is my heisenbug
12:33:17amachronicthe bug is basically viewportmanager_theme_undo -> skin_update -> GUI_EVENT_NEED_UI_UPDATE -> gui_yesno_ui_update
12:33:28amachronicso the scrolling line gets immediately re-added
12:34:21sporkthanks for looking into this
12:37:26amachronic_bilgus I'm running out of battery so I won't stick around but I'm pretty sure that's the crash
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12:38:35_bilgusI too have to head out but I'll get it this eve if you haven't
12:38:52_bilgusgotta go work on cars
12:42:00speachyheh either way you're getting your hands dirty on old cranky guts.
12:45:02_bilguseh couldn't resist I'll have the fix uop
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12:58:56munkispaulcarroty: I have been getting a lot of of queue_post_overflow panics on my fuze+ but that started after I started playing around with screen+plugin buffer stuff so probably unrelated, Next time I have ~20% batt I will try deleting some file to seewhat happens.
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13:03:03_bilgusonly took me 4 tries to get it right SMH
13:03:22_bilgusI think we have that licked
13:03:34_bilgus@munkis and paulcarroty
13:04:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 56d4227897, 303 builds, 8 clients.
13:04:26_bilgusspork after this build completes it should be fixed
13:06:45speachyI think that is responsible for a bunch of the USB menu bugs.
13:10:47sporkwill test it, thanks _bilgus
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