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#rockbox log for 2022-10-17

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06:43:11spork_bilgus: on my Shanling Q1 i have not been able to reproduce that 'delete' error anymore but on my FiiO M3K i have
06:43:16sporktwo different errors too:
06:43:23sporkfirst: *PANIC*
06:43:23sporkTLB refill handler at 0x80092de8! [0x7ff4b378]
06:43:32sporkafter restarting, second: *PANIC*
06:43:33sporkException occurered: Address Error (Logd or Ifetch) [0x54600003] at 0x80092de0 (stack at 0x80002974)
06:46:14sporksteps to reproduce: go to Files, Playlists, Context Menu, Delete, No, Back-Back-Back to main menu
06:47:06sporkthe second 'Exception occurred' is directly after starting without playing music
06:48:12sporkit might be relevant that i use 'multi-boot' on my devices
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07:43:58_bilgusspork not sure if those are related TLB refill handler sounds like a bad pointer but I don't have these devices
07:44:28_bilgusis this a consistently reproducible bug?
07:46:00_bilgusoh amachronic I get data aborts using playlist: reduce memory usage g#4691
07:46:03rb-bluebotGerrit review #4691 at : playlist: reduce memory usage for loading playlists by Aidan MacDonald
07:46:15_bilgusbb <3
07:46:20sporkthe second 'expection' is 100% repeatable
07:46:30sporkexception ... jeez
07:48:41_bilgusok fio m3k?
07:49:18_bilgusspork can you make builds (compile)
07:49:49sporkyes and yes
07:50:17sporklet me see if that vm still runs
07:51:07sporkfor the shanling Q1 i can no longer trigger that crash
07:51:14_bilguseh I've already started making you one is it easier to download mine or build your own
07:51:58_bilguswhat i need is the .map file so we can find out where the program counter is pointing at the crash
07:52:26sporki can use yours
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07:53:26_bilgusit'll be finished in a couple, so since you are using multiboot i'd just make a test folder and place the whole .rockbox folder in there
07:54:03_bilgusthat way we remove the possibility of a bad settings file etc
07:54:22sporki have the best settings file :)
07:54:28sporkbut yes, i understand
08:02:09_bilgusspork I included the map file so you can follow along @home
08:16:08 Join amachronic [0] (~amachroni@user/amachronic)
08:18:13sporkwhat dir should be in ?
08:18:34sporkor is that just for me to read
08:21:48_bilgusfor you to read files are just for reference if you're debugging linker stuff or things like that
08:21:58sporkok, might be settings file after all
08:22:14_bilguscan't reproduce it now?
08:22:37_bilgusso now take your settings file and add it to that .rockbox dir
08:22:41sporkcould it be to me having set a different location for the playlist catalog ?
08:23:36sporkjust copy config.cfg, right ?
08:25:36sporkno crash. copy your build over mine?
08:26:24_bilgusdelete my build and copy the one you downloaded from
08:26:42_bilgusthen add your config file to that one and try
08:27:26_bilgusit could also be a compiler issue figure i'm a bit behind what the builders are using build + my config = crash
08:29:57amachronicspork if you have the git commit of the build that panics I can build it locally and check
08:30:22sporknow i am having the tlb refill handler twice in a row
08:30:44sporkVersion: 5e7c34f5b3-221015
08:30:58sporkthat is the one on
08:31:29amachronicadding g#4554 will give you a better backtrace
08:31:32rb-bluebotGerrit review #4554 at : mips: consolidate exception handling, add exception backtraces by Aidan MacDonald
08:32:00amachronicwhich I should probably merge... is anyone able to test that on an xduoo x3?
08:32:28amachronicthat's the main reason I've been holding off on it
08:33:56sporki can build with that
08:34:25_bilgusthe build I made is the same as HEAD
08:34:39amachronicok the TLB refill handler panic is at font_cache_get()
08:34:50_bilgusI have an xduoo X3 what do you need tested?
08:35:33amachronicbasically check g4554 doesn't totally break interrupt handling :)
08:42:36sporkcompile it with that 4554
08:43:31amachronicalright, is that on top of git master?
08:45:51sporkexactly the same bt
08:46:35sporkTLB refill at 8007d7a4 [0x14]
08:47:00sporkformatting changed
08:48:43amachronicyou should have a bunch more lines like "02 pc:xxx sp:xxxx" with "bt end" at the bottom
08:49:16sporki have 3 of those
08:49:58amachronicthose lines will tell us the call stack hopefully
08:50:06amachroniconly the pc is useful
08:50:40spork00 pc:8007d7a4
08:51:03spork01 pc: 8007d81c
08:51:14spork02 pc: 8007ae78
08:51:21spork03 pc: 80091394
08:51:28sporkbt end
08:52:03amachronic(we really need an automated crash dump of some kind...)
08:52:20sporktyping those is fun
08:52:33sporkespecially on m3k's puny font
08:53:04amachronicsure enough 02 is the scroll thread
08:53:53amachronic01 is lcd_set_viewport_ex
08:54:07amachronic00 is lcd_init_viewport
08:54:08sporkthat is what _bilgus mentioned yesterday
08:54:57amachronicit must be another bad viewport
08:55:33sporktheme issue ?
08:56:56_bilguswith g4554 I get a null ctrl req on USB plug i'm making clean at head to check there
08:57:31amachronicthat's a known issue
08:57:55amachronicmy USB rework broke the xduoo's USB driver
08:58:19speachyyeah, I keep meaning to fix/rewrite it and I keep getting clobbered with meatspace problems.
08:59:56_bilgusin that case it works fine as far as I can tell
09:00:26speachyOn the plus side I won two different lotteries overnight so I can abandon my daily grind and devote my life to genlemanly coding pursuits now.
09:00:51speachy_bilgus: yeah if you can play audio and press buttons etc then exceptions work
09:02:55amachronicthanks _bilgus I'm going to merge that patch now
09:03:50_bilgusspeachy seriously?
09:04:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4bd97c6535, 303 builds, 7 clients.
09:04:34_bilgusamachronic, yw
09:04:55sporknice one speachy
09:05:11speachy_bilgus: I didn't even remember entering those UN and GOOGLE lotteries, but I can't trust random emails, then what can I trust?
09:06:59_bilguslol ah well i'm in contact with a nambian princess and two nigerian princes
09:07:28speachyok, future commit emails will now include a diffstat.
09:07:49speachyI can't believe it took me this long to make that change.
09:08:16speachyI wonder though; is there really a point in sending entire patch to the commit email, or would a diffstat suffice?
09:13:12***No seen item changed, no save performed.
09:14:09_bilgusI don't even read them I just go on git.rb.o to look
09:18:11speachyI still need to do the OS updates on the main server
09:23:06_bilgusoddly I can't repro sporks crash on anything I own with builds I've built wonder if the ones on will
09:24:28amachronicthe bad access is vp->buffer->elems in lcd_init_viewport()
09:24:47amachronicvp is okay but vp->buffer is bad
09:25:32amachronicit's definitely another scrolling viewport going out of scope
09:27:36speachy_bilgus: I've run into sometihng similar-ish; official builds on b.r.o yieled a crash but ones I built myself (same toolchain) did not.
09:27:48speachythis was the ipodmini2g fwiw
09:28:56speachywell come to think of it I don't recall which builder did it. I should probably check that out again.
09:29:40_bilgus0/2 here the other two are the same arch
09:31:49sporkis there a simple reason why i get 'tlb refill' the first (cold) time, 'address error (load or ifetch)' all the others
09:31:58sporkthe trace looks the same
09:32:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1712 seconds.
09:32:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4bd97c6535 result: All green
09:38:18 Join massiveH [0] (~massiveH@2600:4040:a993:4900:dc2b:ed2:acb2:1907)
09:39:50rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c6ee9dc883, 303 builds, 7 clients.
09:41:32amachronicspork I think address error is only if the address happens to be misaligned, ie. not a multiple of 4.
09:42:01amachronicif the address is aligned then it triggers a TLB refill since the address isn't matched.
09:42:15amachronicerr, mapped
09:46:22_bilgushmm with 4691 (playlist reduce mem) its working now maybe I neglected to rebase it or something but its working and the loads are faster
09:46:40_bilgusi'll have to use it for a while
09:52:14amachronicafter staring at things I have a maybe plausible theory for the bug
09:52:31amachronicthe lists have got a NEED_UI_UPDATE callback like the yesno screen did
09:52:49amachronicit gets activated when somebody calls list_do_action_timeout()
09:53:08amachronicthen de-activated by gui_synclist_draw()
09:53:32amachroniclooking at menu.c it's not clear that scrolling is stopped on all exit paths
09:54:26amachroniceven if it is, the menu might not call gui_synclist_draw() to deactivate the event before exiting
09:56:55amachronici can't reproduce spork's bug though so this is wild speculation
10:04:08sporki can give you my config
10:09:47amachronicsure, i can test it on the m3k later
10:11:01rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1872 seconds.
10:11:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c6ee9dc883 result: 297 errors 0 warnings
10:15:54speachya few of those are from android targets but msot of the rest seem to be affecting targets that don't support albumart.
10:17:14amachronicgot the album art #ifdef'd now but gotta check android
10:20:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 55185277ba, 303 builds, 8 clients.
10:20:42amachronicthat should do it.
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10:43:23rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1382 seconds.
10:43:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 55185277ba result: All green
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11:00:33speachyhuh, my X3 claims a 306 hour combined runtime so far.
11:01:03speachywould be a lot longer but I've had a couple failed sd cards. :)
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11:42:04_bilgusamachronic looking at the code I think you might be on to something but why is this showing up now?
11:43:17_bilgusmaybe just higher memory load therefore overwriting a pointer use after free
11:45:50_bilgusits deactivated by gui_synclist_do_button()
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15:29:20othello7_bilgus: it might be kind of hard to draw letters with lines and easier to just use a font or a sprite font
15:32:21othello7Is anybody aware if there is a good way of drawing multicolored text in rockbox? maybe a monochrome spritemap that can be recolored?
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18:16:07 Join grodzio [0] (
18:16:51grodziohi. i installed rockbox on my sandisk clip+, but none of the songs play. neither opus or mp3. i'm trying to play them through the files browser.
18:19:30 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
18:26:47grodziothe "now playing" screen shows for a second, then it returns back to files browser.
18:32:11grodziohmm. none of those mp3's play on original firmware either.
18:32:22grodzioradio works fine.
18:32:56 Quit speachy (Quit: WeeChat 3.5)
18:47:14grodziook, i got it partially to work. some files failed to copy due to having special characters, i assume. those that copied successfully work fine.
19:13:25***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:25:14grodzioi figured it out. seems that both rockbox and original firmware is picky about special characters and blank spaces.
19:25:22 Quit grodzio (Quit: leaving)
19:39:05othello7rockbox for me loaded a song with chinese characters in it just fine, it just didn't display those characters. (note: It did also have at least 1 normal character in it)
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21:18:49_bilgusothello7, the function i referenced does text drawing
21:24:31_bilgusand multicolored would be gradien so probably top to bottom gradient but you could always move the x position and change colors accordingly
23:13:31***No seen item changed, no save performed.

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