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#rockbox log for 2022-10-24

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00:18:54_bilguswell we could always up the limit but there is like 65 -80 bytes per entry
00:19:24_bilgusbased on my back of envelope calcs
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02:06:22chris_sI was a bit surprised that the fds would even stay open, but looking at font_load() that appears to be by design
02:06:37chris_s"cached font: pf->fd stays open until the font is unloaded "
02:20:58spork7 fonts sounds like a lot for a theme
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02:23:33sporkbtw, it is not easy to find a theme by name or resolution unless i am searching wrong
02:24:26spork'all themes' is the only way i found
02:25:16spork1 typeface in 7 sizes/weights then
02:25:21_bilgusspork, at the bottom of 'You can also directly search for specific themes here: '?
02:26:29sporksure, but like chris_s mentions a resolution that is not an index as such
02:26:49sporksorry, it is
02:26:57_bilgusfont scaling would probably be a good add
02:27:07sporki would bump that search to the top of the page
02:28:18sporkhmm, i have a 320x240 device, i must try that theme
02:28:31_bilguseh most people aren't searching for a specific theme persay they probably scroll through the pics first
02:28:49sporkmost people are not most people
02:29:09sporkespecially with rockbox, everybody has their own usage
02:29:41_bilgusmy point being just as many never need the search fuction as do
02:30:06sporkof course
02:30:27sporkbut it is 2 lines and now it is 'buried' at the bottom
02:31:05sporki found it, i will be good bow
02:31:51chris_sMaybe there should be a warning when loading a theme that could result in unexpected behavior due to all fds being used up
02:33:22_bilgusmsybe a splash about no file handles left
02:33:29_bilgusif there isn't one
02:34:08chris_smaybe not when loading the theme
02:34:11sporkmake the number of fd's dependent on the available memory
02:34:20sporkif memory usage is the concern
02:34:41sporkthat specific theme is going to run on the less constrained devices
02:35:31_bilgusits probably not being that the screen size is pretty big
02:35:37chris_salthough if you're just showing a splash when/that there are no fd's left, the user may not realize it has anything to do with the theme used
02:36:39_bilgusno probably not but it seems a lot of code to do it just based on the theme font number rather than just having a splash that covers all cases
02:37:14_bilgusbut i'd go for increasing the fds for the bigger memory devices
02:37:18_bilgusper spork
02:37:40_bilgusalthough whats to stop the next theme from using most of those
02:38:15_bilgusbetter would probably be to force unloading some of the cache as well
02:39:13_bilgusmake an event EV_FD_DEPLETED or something
02:39:40_bilgushave the cache register to listen and kick out the oldest
02:39:48sporkipod video has 32MB so a couple of extra 80 bytes would not hurt
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02:55:04_bilgus g#4738
02:55:07rb-bluebotGerrit review #4738 at : increase the number of file and directory handles for devices with more ram by William Wilgus
02:56:55_bilgusI *think* thats proper
02:56:59sporki would argue <32 and >=32 as on 32 it would be fine
02:58:34sporkand there are no devices with 33 or so, the next step probably is 64
02:59:36_bilgusi upped all except the < 8 mb
03:00:49_bilgusi just put in a little less for 16mb or less
03:00:52sporkyes, i get that
03:01:42sporkjust do not think the <=32 is needed and <32 would do too
03:02:07sporkipodvideo had 32 i think
03:02:42_bilgusi'd rather be a little conservative on devices I can't test
03:02:56sporkfair enough
03:16:01_bilguswell the one peoblem I see with having a splash when you run out of descriptors is it'd probably make the device wholy unusable with the splashes
03:16:25_bilgusso I think maybe limiting the number of times it gets displayed prudent
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03:31:14chris_snice – one possible edge case is that grayscale devices may crash when the grayscale overlay (lib/grey.h) is running at the time that the splash is displayed. But that's probably a negligible concern that applies to other scenarios where an error splash is displayed as well.
03:32:37chris_ssorry, apps/plugins/lib/grey.h
03:33:53chris_snumber of fonts used is probably not an issue there
03:42:03_bilgusmmm that is a good point I could see running out of handles in a plugin
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