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#rockbox log for 2022-10-27

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17:44:37CH23would it be possible to 'simplify' the rockbox UI to the point where you could basically make it function 1:1 as an iPod Shuffle? or would that require a lot of rewriting of code?
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17:53:23CH23ipod shuffle buttons: off/(normal play/shuffle play), forwards/next track , reverse/previous track, volume up, volume down, play/pause
18:01:25CH23it's my wish to re-design a 5th or 6th gen iPod to work like a shuffle, and make a case for it that is half the size of the iPod, so without the screen and top half.
18:08:06amachronicCH23: the WPS mostly works the way you want, so I guess there are only a few missing pieces.
18:08:18amachronica) trap the user in the WPS so they can't get out
18:08:50amachronicb) a function to play all music (automatically refreshing if new music is added)
18:09:41amachronicc) possibly, patch the LCD code so rockbox doesn't barf all over the place because you don't have a screen connected.
18:09:56amachronicthat's about it, right?
18:10:31CH23yeah that's it mostly. maybe reassign some buttons or types of presses
18:10:53amachronicstill... rockbox has voice support, so there could still be some use for the menus even without a screen.
18:10:58CH23i was thinking of making the playlist host-side
18:11:26CH23then just start in the playlist on pressing play after boot
18:13:08amachronicthe key remap plugin could help with reassigning the buttons
18:13:44amachronicyou can make the remap files in a text editor and load it at boot
18:14:08CH23didn't know this existed, thanks!
18:14:29amachronicthank bilgus, it's a recent addition :)
18:15:35CH23heh, seems like he keeps making stuff i need :P
18:17:19amachronicalso you can go to wps on boot by making it your start screen
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