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#rockbox log for 2022-10-29

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01:37:44_bilgususer890104, I found it easier to just copy pasta all the stuff I screw up git when things get complicated
01:38:00_bilgusbut some git ninja might know
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07:52:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b4e7c60c6d, 303 builds, 7 clients.
08:14:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1346 seconds.
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08:43:04amachronicspeachy, I have some new x1000 bootloaders for the download site. m3k, q1 and erosq.
08:43:38amachronici put them into versioned folders for you
09:00:29sporkthese are for the last 5 commits ?
09:01:24amachronicthat, plus some extra fixes since the last releases
09:01:47amachronicerosq needed a release to deal with those units with new flash chips
09:02:42sporksome new shanling devices have been anounced, including one based on ingenic x2000
09:03:14sporkmight be a future target for rockbox
09:07:42amachronicmaybe if linux were ported to it first
09:07:51amachronic* was
09:08:18amachronicit being dual core and all
09:08:28sporkit seems fairly new, could happen
09:08:44sporkweird device though, with buttons in the screen
09:09:43amachronicwhich of the shanlings is it ?
09:10:45amachronicoh right, they're not selling it yet
09:12:15sporkthey will probably release some sort of source code again
09:13:11amachronici'd prefer ingenic's datasheets :P
09:13:25amachronicthe code dumps are crap.
09:13:40sporkyeah, i saw you point that out
09:13:48sporkno response to that of course
09:14:03amachronici think there's some support for x2000 in upstream linux already.
09:14:47sporkthe shanling guy there means well but the engineers are not his closest friends it seems
09:15:31amachronicthey put readline in their firmware
09:16:09amachronicwhich, being GPLv3, means they should really be shipping a whole build system
09:16:27amachronicplus some means of installing self built software
09:16:33sporkhard to force them
09:16:48sporki would like some of that for the m0
09:17:02sporkthat is still my favorite shanling mtouch device
09:19:39amachronicvitt13 figured out how to generate update packages for the m3k
09:19:50amachronicmaybe the same can be done for the m0?
09:21:04sporkquite likely
09:21:26sporkm0 is like a small q1 without buttons
09:21:55sporkand a different screen (size) of course
09:22:46amachronicmaybe mkotapackage with the right signing key?
09:24:48sporkwould not surprise me if it is the same key
09:25:10sporknothing m3k-specific about the key vitt13 found/used
09:28:50sporki will try those tools against the m0 firmware
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