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#rockbox log for 2022-11-02

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09:12:16user890104__builtin: re: the russian video, it's mostly a showcase of rockbox's most interesting plugins, plus a complaint that swimming in quake episode 4 just doesn't work :)
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10:22:22blebmy ipod 4th gen has reverted to stock firmware on its own
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10:28:55blebit's using a generic IDE-CF adapter and iflash SD-CF, with a 256gb sd card
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10:30:30blebany clue which component might be causing the problem?
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13:06:53hactar|antwhat do you mean reverted, bleb?
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13:07:14hactar|antwon't boot rb?
13:27:37blebhactar|ant: it booted to the stock firmware, after it was just on rockbox yesterday
13:28:46hactar|antyou could always try reinstalling the bootloader
13:29:07hactar|anti've heard >128gb can be really dicey on pre-5g ipods
13:29:32hactar|antalso when i used an sd-cf adaptor in my 4g it exhibited bizarre behaviour
13:29:42blebseems like the best reliability is to use <=128gb cf card
13:30:01hactar|antrockbox could read, but not write
13:30:08hactar|antwhile apple firmware worked fine
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13:38:03chris_sbleb: Sorry if this may be obvious to you, but did you maybe boot the iPod while the Hold switch was on (e.g. by plugging it in or putting the iPod in a Dock)?
13:38:50chris_soops, meant to paste this:
13:41:16blebchris_s: ahhh that is what happened
13:41:41blebcan it be prevented so that I don't have to remember to turn off the hold switch before plugging in the ipod?
13:44:45chris_syes, but you would have to use one of the advanced install methods which disable access to the original firmware:
13:44:49CH23'yes' but i'm not sure if you want to mess with the bootloader code
13:45:28chris_sHas the advantage that it also boots faster
13:46:34chris_smy favorite way of running Rockbox on iPods (since I never use the OF)
13:46:48Kaliumif you want to keep the old firmware around, you could patch the bootloader code to use, e.g. held down play/pause to boot OF and totally ignore the hold switch
13:46:58Kaliumit'd be a relatively simple patch to write
13:47:16Kaliumat the moment held down play/pause loads ipodlinux if you have it
13:47:32hactar|anti remember ipl
13:49:11Kaliumyou'd just be fiddling around here
13:49:31blebchris_s: I like that
13:49:39Kaliumoh huh, menu held already forces loading the OF, you could just remove the references to the hold switch entirely
13:51:10blebit seems like a bad default, when plugging in an ipod with the hold switch is commonly done with no intent to change the OS
13:51:37blebmenu held otoh can be taken as a signal that the user wants to do something special
13:55:14chris_sI feel the same. Although I'm not sure how reliable the method of pressing the Menu button works. Feel like I remember it being rather particular about when exactly you have to press it, for some reason. Maybe that's why there's another option
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19:52:30CH23ipodpatcher gives me 'no ipod detected' on debian, running as root, ipod is in disk mode and mounted. also tried without mounting it.
19:53:46CH23the ipod is a '7th gen' ipod classic
19:55:17CH23lsusb gives me: Bus 003 Device 009: ID 05ac:1261 Apple, Inc. iPod Classic
20:14:42hactar|antdon't the classics require a special method
20:15:10hactar|anti don't own any personally but i rockbox'd a friend's 6g once and it was a bit involved
20:15:27hactar|anti only have 3/4/5g
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