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#rockbox log for 2022-11-12

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06:58:44_bilgus_hmm somethings afoot there I didn't see near that binsize increase in my tests :/
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09:23:47speachy_bilgus_: the ones taht were really big are MIPS, the rest are a lot smaller.
09:27:51speachyhuh. my one of my buildservers shows *15* files tyting to upload
09:29:23speachyno wonder my upload stats are so awful
09:30:59speachy...all this compute and performance is utter crap. :/
09:34:51speachyhmm, might be able to play some games with routing to have my buildserver uploads go out the starlink backhaul.
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09:38:29chris_sDid something happen to the bot that would post build messages on IRC?
09:43:55speachyit's not connected to the channel, beyond that, you'd have to ask bluebrother
09:44:35chris_sah ok, wasn't sure whether it was disabled on purpose or not
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09:44:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 246152a671, 303 builds, 7 clients.
09:44:46speachythat audiobook rewind feature is something I've been wanting for a long itme
09:45:17bluebrotherit terminated since the network went down for too long. Didn't spot it, fixed now.
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23:44:13chris_samachronic: Looks like since 26ffcd8 (playback: Fix track resume from file offset) resuming ALAC files has become wildly imprecise.
23:44:33chris_sI'm seeing resume position differences by 10 seconds and more for even very short files (a few minutes long).
23:44:40chris_sLet me know if you need me to provide test files or anything.
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