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#rockbox log for 2022-11-19

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07:54:03celaSeem to remember there was an option to add "Shutdown" for Rockbox on the main menu, has it been removed? It would be handy for the SDL app when using Rockbox on minimal linux with a SBC, like Kodi does, thought you could add Shutdown as a main menu shortcut, but not sure. anyone know?
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08:18:52chris_Scela: only to the Shortcuts menu, as far as I'm aware
08:24:30celaYes tried adding as a shortcut, but there isn't an option for Shutdown, I think maybe I saw Shutdown in Rasher's Android builds, all else I can find is a 10 year old patch which obviously can't merge with current source now.
08:28:12chris_SYou'd have to manually edit the Shortcuts.txt file to add the entry. Something like this should work:
08:28:20chris_Stype: shutdown
08:28:23chris_Sname: Shutdown
08:30:25celaHmm I'll try loading it in with shortcuts.txt, thanks, I think the manual might be referring to the "Shutdown Timer" though, but I'll give it a try.
08:32:37chris_SIt's definitely a shortcut to immediately turn off the player. Make sure you restart your player after you've changed the shortcuts.txt file, so that it's loaded.
08:33:06celaOh good thanks!
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10:20:31speachylet's see if the manual builds fail again, I think I broke something when upgrading one of my builders.
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10:40:29_bilguslooks like it worked
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12:22:53speachyyeah, not on the system I updated. :) Though that one will land later today I think.
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14:34:36CH231I have the weirdest issue right now: when the 3.5mm connector is slightly pulled on sideways, i get line level output from the headphone out of my iPod Classic 7g
14:40:18CH231Even with the headphone volume on lowest
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