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#rockbox log for 2022-11-23

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07:05:06FishbyteCH23_M: Yes, it is now, it wasn't set for write perms for other users, but it's still not in Rockbox, and I still can't find a way to tell rockbox where it is
07:06:03Fishbytehold on it my change didn't effect it
07:24:01FishbyteI unmount it, and then change the mount location's permission to read and write, and then mount it and it switches back. I know this is round-about, but I don't quite know how to mount this with permissons for everyone
07:25:00FishbyteIt switching back is the permissions to drwxr-xr-x from drwxr-xrwx
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07:40:21FishbyteOk I remounted with some options and now it's rw to everyone
07:47:47CH23Fishbyte, does arch use fstab?
07:51:22CH23if so, try setting an entry like this for the iPod: /dev/disk/by-label/IPOD /media/ipod/ vfat defaults,suid,user,noauto,iocharset=utf8 0 0
07:52:04FishbyteYeah it does, I'll add that then, thanks for pointing this all out, I'll try to set it up in a second
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07:54:58CH23make sure to change the first location and second location to the actual device label, and the actual mountpoint :)
07:58:55FishbyteCH23: Ok well I went to install, and I got the error could not open ipod: permisson denied
07:59:22Fishbytebut other users have full access and I can confirm it
08:02:19Fishbytedoes it being owned by root not allow it
08:05:12CH23Fishbyte, on my laptop the iPod directory has the following rights and is owned by my user: drwxr-xr-x 12 ch23 ch23 16K Jan 1 1970 ipod
08:07:05Fishbytemine is drwxrwxrwx 17 root root 16K Dec 31 1969 ipod
08:07:27Fishbytehow would I change a file system to be owned by me
08:09:40CH23first unmount it, then do sudo chown [your user]: [directory]
08:10:54CH23for me it's: sudo chown ch23: /media/ipod/
08:11:01fourHZand maybe put an -R to do it recursive?
08:11:23CH23fourHZ, not needed, the ipod file structure will be mounted as whatever
08:12:17FishbyteI do sudo mount -o rw,users,umask=000 /dev/sdg2 ~/ipod and it over writes any permission changes I do to the device, so now it's back to root root but has all 777
08:13:34CH23Fishbyte, that's because you do it as sudo
08:14:13Fishbyteyeah that's what I figured, but it won't let me mount it as non su
08:15:14CH23Fishbyte, did you add the fstab entry?
08:15:25Fishbyteno I'll do that
08:20:59CH23after doing that, you should be able to mount the ipod by doing: mount /media/ipod
08:21:12CH23(in my case, i don't know where your mountpoint is)
08:21:23CH23no sudo, no long commands
08:24:38Fishbyteyup, it's mounted just like yours
08:28:46Fishbyterockbox is giving the same error of "Could not open Ipod: permission denied" 3 times in the progress window
08:29:04Fishbyteit has the mount location
08:29:44Fishbyteit looks like drwxr-xr-x 18 fishbyte fishbyte 16K Dec 31 1969 ipod
08:30:26CH23Fishbyte, did you restart the rockbox program?
08:31:33FishbyteI did graphically, I'll try to kill it
08:31:56CH23at this point the program should totally have access to it
08:32:07FishbyteI'll probably just reboot
08:32:13CH23might work
08:32:14FishbyteThank you guys a ton
08:32:20CH23de nada :)
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08:39:42FishbyteOk one more question (hopefully) I don't get the permission error anymore, I get "Error: could not retrieve device name"
08:41:07FishbyteIf you aren't familiar with it, or know a solution, I'll just go to a windows machine and install itunes to format it
08:45:45CH23Fishbyte, did you format it previously?
08:45:50CH23if so, how?
08:46:35FishbyteNo this was a family members, is formatting a required step
08:48:01CH23Fishbyte, not usually. what's in the root of your iPod? should be something like: Calendars Contacts iPod_Control Music Notes Photos Playlists Podcasts Recordings
08:49:16FishbyteYeah all that is there
08:51:35CH23can you manually select the correct device in the rockbox utility?
08:51:49FishbyteYes I can
08:51:57CH23then i'd just try that
08:52:20FishbyteWell I do, and then I get that error when going to install
08:52:57CH23ah sorry that wasn't clear to me. then perhaps a reinstall would be better
08:53:44FishbyteRoger that, Ok *now* thanks for helping
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09:51:54chris_sAnyone else recently getting "Error accessing playlist file" messages when playback is stopped after opening a playlist and both Load to Ram (for the DB) and dir cache are activated?
09:52:07chris_sLooks like it occurs during background scanning in the playlist_thread for the SYS_TIMEOUT case, when get_filename is called
09:52:15chris_sI think I used to just disable that.
09:52:24chris_sNot sure what's up with that...
09:52:46chris_sonly seems to happen on the iPod and not the M3K for some reason
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09:57:59chris_sbut I remember seeing this in the past at some point
10:06:21speachyI haven't seen one of those for a long time.
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10:09:20chris_sit's probably the "hack" I applied to my own build that disabled dircache_search.. didn't think about that. I should replicate it on the official build before opening my mouth the next time... :D
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10:46:08amachronicspeachy, do you think the autobuilder page should show RAM deltas in the table instead of binsize deltas?
10:46:27speachythere's an argument for that, yeah
10:47:15amachronici was thinking of it since one of bilgus recent commits (e7e20fab) actually added RAM usage but shows reduced binsize.
10:47:16speachybut RAM size doesn't shrink nearly as easily, unless you nuke static tables.
10:47:33amachronicRAM size = bin size + BSS?
10:47:59speachyunless we're running out of NV storage, yeah
10:49:03amachronicsince we try to keep the memory footprint low it makes sense to account for BSS in the table as well
10:49:27amachronicit's less misleading that way
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10:51:49speachythe www script pulls the 'Binary size' out of rockbox-info.txt. There's also 'RAM usage' there as well, which (generally) includes the binary size.
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10:52:16speachythen again I don't think we have any execute-from-flash targets any more?
10:52:35speachy(wait, the old m58k irivers technically support it I think..)
10:53:07amachronicI thought they did something like that but I'm not sure how they work.
10:54:13amachronicthe www script already scrapes RAM usage so it's just a matter of switching what shows up in the table
10:54:14speachythe "RAM usage" includes all fixed allocations too (eg plugin/codec scratch space)
10:54:59speachyyeah it displays RAM delta too if you hover over the text
10:55:38amachronicusually the ram delta is same as the binsize delta
10:56:39amachronicexcept if a static buffer gets added or removed
10:58:18speachyI forgot that when I rewrote that binsize script I put in the provisions for showing either, though I left the main display the binsize
11:00:05speachyok, when this one finishes it should show RAM deltas instead, but both are displayed.
11:01:08speachyit wuold be really cool to include stack utilization in there too, but I don't think there's any way to get that out of the current tooling.
11:03:37amachronic-fstack-usage works at least on mips
11:04:28speachyI think we're going to need LTO (at minimum) to have meaningful stack usage
11:04:35speachyacross compilation units I mean
11:06:49speachybut there's no way to report actual usage, just if it exceeds some threshold, correct?
11:07:46amachronicit outputs an .su file that tells you the stack usage of individual functions
11:08:19amachronicfor doing CI like "whoops that last commit might blow the stack with this call tree" you need a more advanced whole-program analyzer
11:08:39speachyah, ok
11:09:20amachronici don't think there are any stack usage analyzers like that in GCC or clang unfortunately.
11:09:29_bilgusamachronic, that was because of the static maxpath but its probably ok I to not be static but I was afraid of blowing the stack depending on the caller
11:10:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1648 seconds.
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11:10:48amachronic_bilgus: i don't mind, it just made me think the table's a little misleading :)
11:12:28amachroniccome to think of it, wouldn't that static buffer need a mutex in case multiple callers get blocked in open()?
11:13:31speachywhoops, left a line out.
11:14:51speachynext build will display the correct data.
11:16:15speachywould it perhaps make more sense to just display both ramdelta and bindelta tables?
11:17:43amachronici was thinking maybe a button to toggle between them
11:18:25_bilgusamachronic, wouldn't you need to yield I guess on hosted might be possible
11:18:51speachyhmm, that shouldn't be too bad. ain't going to happen today though
11:18:57amachronic_bilgus open() itself yields by disk access
11:19:25speachymaybe I can work on that while the server is offline for the upgrade.
11:20:38_bilgusah it only locks for writers then?
11:21:49amachronicyou can have a context switch any time a thread has to block on a mutex or semaphore
11:22:12amachronicunlocking a mutex or releasing a semaphore in a low priority thread can also cause a switch to a higher priority thread
11:23:05_bilguswith it being in tagcache that would be a concern then I'll look at it this eve
11:24:09amachronici wish we had preemptive threading :-/
11:24:26_bilgusmight be better to just put it on the stack I didn't notice any ill effect in tests but I started worrying that it might blow the stack after
11:30:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1199 seconds.
11:30:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8379c6eb07 result: All green
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11:40:28speachyok, that worked
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12:16:47chris_sIf anyone can provide insight into g4827 (a "one-liner"), I'd appreciate the input. I'm obviously missing something...
12:19:01 Quit mink (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
12:32:01chris_sor maybe it doesn't actually work – just tried it with Roblox again. Oh well, at least that makes sense... not my day today.
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13:06:58chris_sturns out in Rockblox's case, it was just a misspelled ifdef..
13:10:46chris_sso then, maybe, my dumb question remains if the other patch could *possibly* fix anything
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23:57:05_bilguswell ruined that nice green board

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