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#rockbox log for 2022-11-24

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00:59:53speachyjust finished enhancing the autobuilder status page to include a toggleable binsize/ramsize table.
01:00:58speachyalso as a reminder, I'm intending to take down the server Friday.
01:07:33speachyoh, for upgrades.
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01:20:46_bilgusI take it won't toggle till more builds are put through?
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08:16:04speachy_bilgus: that happens becuase the linked javascript file isn't being refreshed (due to browser caching)
08:16:25speachyI should probably just inline the dman thing instead of having it stay an external file, as it's only used by tha tone page...
08:23:40_bilgusspeachy nice
08:25:36speachythe data was all there (after I rewrote it all way back when) but it took this long for the wheel to start squweaking. :)
08:26:24speachyright now both sizes are shown in the tooltip, is that worth simplifying?
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09:13:26MarcAndersenHi. Is it just me or do some of the simulators get build twice in It seams that some of them get built in the first loop and then again at the end after this line:
09:13:28MarcAndersen#The following ports are in the unusable category, but the simulator does build
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11:08:15speachyMarcAndersen: I think you're correct, but the real question is when that script was last run as part of any release or other "official" flow
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11:10:49speachyIt still references svn, ffs. :)
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11:17:38chris_sspeachy: Would it be possible or difficult to change the autobuilder page so that it indicates all of the revisions involved in a build?
11:17:43chris_s E.g. ec1611df with a green row (just an added comment) was actually ec1611df and 9f09cdc. I guess only the latter caused the RAM drecrease
11:27:01_bilgusor just don't stack the commits
11:27:08speachyyeah, that's the proper solution(tm).
11:27:36speachythe script is fairly dumb; it only cares about revs that go through the builder. it doesn't interact with scm in any way.
11:28:04chris_sfair enough :D
11:28:11speachycould problably add a gerrit rule to disallow stacked commits
11:28:28speachybut tbh I think they're generally a good thing
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11:32:43speachyI'd love to figure out a way to make this more useful:
11:33:30speachythe script/graphing was form back in the day when there were a lot more (relatively less-powerful) builders instead of the behemoths today that can kick out some builds in ~2s. :D
11:36:40speachythough it does show useful insights, eg one of my builders is hopelessly upload-constrained.
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11:42:24speachywonder how hard it would be to make the uildserver prioritize upload-less builds on uilders with poor uploads.
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12:46:44MarcAndersenI am running it to create windows simulators, that's how I noticed it. But I can just remove the dooplecates myself.
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20:02:27MarcAndersenI have just created a shell script which builds the windows simulators automatically and am currently testing it
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22:18:26_bilguswell I refactored bookmar.c to get rid of a few of the global buffers it seems to work well but I guess time will tell
22:28:30_bilgusgot one more after this
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