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#rockbox log for 2022-11-26

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00:13:54braewoodsspeachy: it's also the domain of the guts of libc. a lot of libc stuff uses static variables.
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12:55:39_bilguschris_s (logs) sorry didn't see you already had a playlist_catalog project in the works, I'll update my patch later
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13:14:08chris_sthanks! I uploaded a version based on your patch, but then you updated yours again, so I thought it probably didn't make sense to try to stay current with yours while you were still working on it
13:15:52_bilgusno and especially if you are already done, plus mine needs some testing for a bit to make sure it doesn't have unforseen issues
13:16:37_bilguslike blowing the stack with all those calls to initialize_catalog in every public facing fn
13:17:02chris_sah ok.. I'm using it on my player now...maybe I'll notice something
13:17:04_bilgusI'm thinking it can just initialize at start-up instead
13:18:03_bilgusI didn't notice anything but it would be unpredictable context switch while trying to add to playlist kinda thing
13:19:52_bilgusat this point (in my patch) initialized is just having the length of the playlist directory and that it exists
13:21:44_bilgusthough it did originally check if the dir existed with every call but I figure if that fails its already dire-straights
13:27:31chris_sSo it's expected to "blow up" if you delete the playlist dir while Rockbox is running?
13:29:08chris_swhich, tbh, I never tired before so don't know how it used to behave
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13:48:51chris_sBy the way, would anyone object if I removed the "Open With" and "Delete" entries from the WPS context menus and instead changed the Track Info screen so you could quickly browse to an item by selecting its path?
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14:14:03chris_s_bilgus: I think creating bookmarks may be broken at the moment?
14:16:41chris_sIt cuts off part of the file name extension (.m.bmark instead of .m3u8.bmark)
14:22:48chris_sseems to have happened in 88ecaf2
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19:09:13speachySo. Rockbox has a twitter account that is only used when commits are posted.i9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.l]==================================================================================-p[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm
19:09:17DBUGEnqueued KICK speachy
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19:10:49speachyum, sorry
19:11:07speachykitty sat on my laptop when I went out of the room
19:19:30***Alert Mode OFF
19:19:53speachyso, straw poll. Rockbox has a twitter account, which gets a message sent out for every commit to our git repo. Putting aside concerns about twitter's future viability, is there much of a point to tweeting out our SCM commit messages?
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19:58:53_bilgusno skin in that game
20:30:19_bilguschris_s (logs) are you sure it was .m.bmark I get mu3.bmark (an off by one error)
20:33:38_bilgusits because strlcpy includes the null in buf size
20:58:49rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b11777b06c, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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21:44:00chris_s_bilgus: Pretty sure I noticed a varying amount of characters being cut off from the m3u8 extension after I posted, but I think it's fixed now.
21:44:29chris_sspeachy: I don't see the use in tweeting commits
21:45:01chris_slove the cat/keyboard thing
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21:47:49hactar|antchris_s fwiw i have used delete on several occasions
21:48:34chris_sWould you find it cumbersome to access the Track Info screen and select the path instead, then delete the file using its context menu?
21:49:01chris_s(if that was possible)
21:50:09hactar|antcan you go right to the path from the track info? (i've never tried)
21:51:31chris_snot right now, but I'm thinking of adding that. Just though that it might be a good excuse to clean up the context menu a bit as well, but it doesn't really depend on that
21:52:35hactar|antif you can get there from the wps context menu, that seems suitable. it is by definition more cumbersome but for me delete is a feature i use rarely enough that it wouldn't be a big deal
21:52:58hactar|antbut manually having to access it via the file browser seems a bit annoying
21:53:23hactar|ant(i use tagnav, my music isn't sorted neatly in the filesystem)
21:54:56chris_sok – yeah, I mainly rely on the database as well
22:07:43chris_s_bilgus:  the bookmark save issue still seems to happen, unfortunately. Seems like it's not always an off-by-one error
22:09:28chris_ssometimes it works randomly though
22:15:45chris_sthe cut-off portion seems to extend into the filename (in addition to the extension) sometimes, too
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22:36:20speachylooks like we're still having problems with ipods and (newer) sd & msata adapters
22:36:31 Join CH23_M [0] (~CH23@revspace/participant/ch23)
22:40:29speachywhat I suspect is that these things don't trip our "isssd" heuristic and power-down the device before it's fully committed everything to flash.
22:46:28speachyhopefully the forum users will be able to dump the ata identity info
22:47:10speachywonder if it's worth using some of the slush fund to pick up a 5.5G plus whatever is needed
22:51:52speachyseems more cost-effective to buy a pre-modded one but not it might not match what the users have.
23:13:43hactar|antwhat do you mean by newer sd adaptor?
23:14:30hactar|anti use a... 2019(? i'll have to check) iflash solo in a 5.5 pod with no problems
23:14:46hactar|antand i'm happy to run any experiments
23:14:57hactar|antor if there is another (cheaper) sd adaptor i can test that out
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23:19:24_bilguschris_s I got the playlist_catalog patch figured out
23:19:36_bilgusI'll revisit the bookmark one and try to repro
23:21:59speachythere's the iflash sata v10 specifically mentioned, another has a unnamed chinesium sata adapter in it as well.
23:23:00speachythe forum reports are typically light on details
23:23:46speachy(with a completely unknown msata ssd in it. in both cases the OG firmware apparently works fine)
23:24:17speachyok, let's see if I got the gcc 8.5.0 multilib+exceptions patch ported properly.
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23:52:43_bilguschris_s I think I figured it out its me being stupid with strlcpy
23:53:20_bilgusby trying to use it to truncate the string it gives me the length it tried to create

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