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#rockbox log for 2022-11-29

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01:59:45_bilgusok I think I have a pretty good fix now g#4856
01:59:55rb-bluebotGerrit review #4856 at : RFC playlist_create fix race condition WIP by William Wilgus
02:10:59_bilgusif you want to repro I have it down to a stience now on start go to playlist catalog start a song then back out of wps and go to bookmarks and choose one, 3/10 you'll get a playlist buffer full, and error accessing playlist message for the rest of the session, 1/10 you'll get a 'Nothing to resume' and 3/10 it'll be the wrong song resumed
02:11:55_bilgusnote you don't actually need any of the bookmark stuff you just need one created
02:13:55_bilgusI can get the bug on a playlist resume too but its not near as fast
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02:22:28_bilgusthis applies to devices with dircache
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05:37:41chris_s_bilgus: The issue doesn't seem to turn up when background playlist background scanning (  is deactivated.
05:37:47chris_sOn the official build, the index saved for a bookmark appears to be almost always wrong (in addition to what you've described, now that I've tried it. Haven't checked out g4856 yet...
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05:45:49chris_s(and when dircache_search has been disabled, I guess)
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08:12:10chris_s_bilgus: Actually, strike that. It's actually the "Maintain a list of recent bookmarks" setting that makes the bookmark index go off the rails when saving, if set to "Yes". Is that what you were seeing, too, or yet another bug? I've never had that setting enabled.
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08:27:13chris_sThat may have been introduced with 88ecaf2. It seems to work in the build before that
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08:46:31_bilgusthe issue exists back to 3.15
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08:49:00chris_sAre you sure it's the same issue? So far, I can reliably reproduce it in the current build but haven't been able to 221125-853d70. The index appears correctly in the list of recent bookmarks but is wrong in the "List Bookmarks" screen on the WPS
08:51:40_bilgusNo i'm not totally sure but i'll try some more testing
08:52:29_bilgusthe issue I observed happens even when resuming the playlist if you do it fast enough or enough times
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08:54:54chris_syeah, I think it's probably two separate bugs. :D
08:56:23chris_salthough, like I said, I haven't tried your Gerrit patch, so who knows...
08:58:51_bilgusI did some tests last night keeping a copy of the playlist and then checking versus the real playlist and I didn't see any difference between each so its enough to suspend the dircache with the latest patch
09:00:03_bilgusbut I sis still get the wrong track resumed on occasion like 1/50 so its likely there is still a bug
09:02:37_bilgusoddly the bookmark is proper in those cases it just acts like the randomize playlist fn didn't get the indices right
09:03:39_bilgusbut i'll continue to test this eve
09:04:13chris_sWith the thing I was running into when trying to reproduce what you had described, the index is wrong 99% of the time – maybe actually only correct the first time. Then it just seems to stop updating the index altogether (except on the Recent Bookmarks screen)
09:05:32_bilgusah I did observe that prior indices shifting but that happened in 3.15 too so not sure
09:07:39_bilgusafter the patch the indice is right and the seed is right its just the track aren't in the right place and choosing the same bookmark again it gets it right
09:07:52chris_sThe workaround is to just disable "Maintain list of recent bookmarks". It works fine at that point... except for what you've described. :D
09:08:07_bilgusI think its more a timing issue
09:09:23_bilgusmaybe try applying the same bookmark with QS and it'll reappear
09:10:25_bilguswhen you disable matain a recent list it removes the menu option and it takes a bit longer to go apply a bookmark
09:10:31_bilgusquick screen
09:10:59_bilgusor shortcut screen
09:12:28chris_ssame thing...
09:12:35chris_ssame result, I mean
09:12:46chris_susing the QS to change the setting
09:13:33_bilgusoh I figured you could apply the bookmark using it
09:13:49_bilgusnot just change the setting
09:17:17chris_sI can try, but it seems like the index already gets saved incorrectly in the bookmarks file?
09:17:38chris_salthough the file name is correct
09:20:38chris_sIt's incorrectly saved to the playlist .bmark file, but correctly saved to the os-recent.bmark file)
09:21:15_bilguswhen I just tried it it shows the right indice but still gets it wrong ill try prior builds tonight (this is with 4865 applied)
09:21:50_bilgusyeah so probably a separate bug
09:22:20chris_sI guess. I'll try 4865 later tonight and report back if I notice anything different
09:24:04_bilgusno I get the same if I use the plylist.bmark its wrong where as the recent bmark is right oddly
09:25:07_bilgusso its might be getting fed the wrong data since with the bookmark patch it has to make two calls to save the two bmarks
09:26:17_bilguswhat I can try is kust make the playlist one and copy it to the recent.nmark instead
09:30:07chris_syeah, that seems like the issue, for whatever reason
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11:55:26_bilguslooking at the code I store everything prior to the calls except we keep a pointer to the track id3 for offset and elapsed and make a call to playlist_get_name
11:56:20_bilgusnone of those should have an effect on the indice
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13:07:47chris_slooks like parse_bookmark in add_bookmark changes the index
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13:59:28chris_sso, apart from the offset and elapsed, apparently the info from the initial bookmark simply gets saved repeatedly as it is last parsed :p
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14:03:11chris_s... or something like that
14:09:14chris_s(initial bookmark from the list of most recent bookmarks)
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18:44:28_bilgusChris_s (logs) so are you saying its propagating the error then?
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19:08:15_bilgusno it calls playlist_get_resume_info()
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19:10:54chris_sMy understanding is, since parse_bookmark overwrites resume_info struct members, and parse_bookmark is used by add_bookmark to load all of the existing bookmarks from the file, the bookmark needs to have already been created beforehand, unless you make sure that the resume_info is (re-)fetched before calling create_bookmark a second time.
19:11:25_bilgusoh duh
19:13:25_bilgusI assumed it just grabbed them as entries but makes sense it would parse them to update the last
19:15:40chris_swasn't really obvious to me, either, at first...
19:16:57_bilgusglad you looked at it I'd have spent another few hours before figuring it out
19:21:39_bilgusthey probably did that because they wanted to support the old format and new format
19:22:28chris_sah ok, didn't even know there were different formats
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19:24:17_bilgusjudging by the new_format check (they start with >)
19:24:47_bilgusassume old ones didn't and just had the index integer
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