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#rockbox log for 2022-12-03

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04:33:15_bilgusamachronic (logs) I'm having an issue reloading the tagtree on the fly my tagnav.lua plugin makes use of a reload menu item but I get a data abort when I try to use it now
04:35:20_bilgusit happens here
04:36:32_bilgusit won't even enter the tagtree_init call without crashing but if I just paste the contents of tagtree_init it works fine, I'm guessing its because it no longer holds the lock once the handle if free
04:36:57_bilgus*once the handle is free
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05:07:46_bilgushuh somethings weird I just made the init function static and its fine too
05:12:29_bilgus g#4879
05:12:32rb-bluebotGerrit review #4879 at : RFC BugFix tagtree.c reload data abort by William Wilgus
05:14:33_bilgusIve no clue maybe it has something to do with it being a public function??
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05:34:07amachronic_bilgus tagtree_init() is marked INIT_ATTR so the code gets overwritten at some point
05:37:14amachroniclooks like most targets copy init code to the codec buffer.
05:38:10amachronicI think there's something we can put in the linker scripts to make it spit errors if there are references between certain sections
05:40:26amachronicsomething like NOCROSSREFS_TO(.init .text)
05:42:27amachronicmarking more things INIT_ATTR might be a good way to save code size, actually.
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06:25:09_bilgusahh I figured it might be something like that
06:27:05_bilgusodd that it worked before though
06:27:32_bilgusor was that something recently added because I generally see it in the .c file not the .h I think
06:32:04amachronicthat particular INIT_ATTR has been there a long time
06:33:12amachronici'm not sure what the rules are with gcc attributes but usually it's safest to put them on the function prototype
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06:39:56_bilgusah crap thats going to break
06:40:19_bilgusI added a changed header file to the no functional changes
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06:50:06_bilguslol just in time to get the other red off the board
06:50:27_bilgusI just don't like the table compact clearly
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08:03:51amachronicok so that broke the database tool
08:17:28_bilgusthat gets me a lot that and CheckWps
08:17:47_bilgusI never think to test them
08:23:29_bilgusso before I decided to go all rearranging the playlist files my mutex adventures seem pretty solid I need to try and free some of the binsize though its something like an extra 700 bytes probably a few places its not actually needed and some code cleanup to get it down a bit
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20:37:26speachy_bilgus: the forum thread about RTL stuff reminded me of of an oversight in our translation approach
20:37:43speachynamely how we handle incomplete translations.
20:38:19speachyinstead of an entire language being marked as RTL, it needs to be marked on a per-string basis.
20:38:58speachyso untranslated strings (or ones that should be written in english or whatever) are rendered properly.
20:39:42speachythe same problem afflicts voice prompts; untranslated strings will be voiced using the "native" language rather than English, which is probably pretty wrong.
20:43:30speachy(and then there are the strings that mix RTL+LTR words in them. Some of the Arabic and Hebrew strings use english acronyms or words, that's gotta be wonky too)
20:47:47speachythe translate site doesn't get ltr correct in all places either. hah.
20:49:14speachyI think know how to deal with the voice generation so that incomplete translations get a two pass strategy, but I wonder if that's the correct way to deal with it.
20:50:08speachybut with respect to the UI strings, other than changing things so that each string is explicitly marked LTR/RTL (instead of global for the language) I'm open to suggestions.
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20:51:30speachy(I was thinking that I could prepend each string with a one-byte flag to connote order...)
20:55:58speachyI wonder how complicated it would be to add locale-aware sorting/collating/capitalization, hmm....
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