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#rockbox log for 2022-12-04

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01:56:31_bilgusI did most of the formatting handling of RTL but I'm luck to speak english right let alone another language
01:56:40_bilgussee^ lucky
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05:21:10amachronicspeachy (logs) Unicode has dedicated markers for RTL / LTR text direction
05:22:51amachronicwe really don't want to reinvent the wheel on this one :)
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12:21:49speachyamachronic: hopefully our strings already have that embedded. But I still want to update the voicefile generation so that it switches to english voicing for untranslated strings.
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17:10:24kakaszszhello wwonder if i can get some help. ive swapped out the sd card in my Sansa Clip Zip from 128G samsung to 512G sandisk
17:10:58kakaszszthe cards have the same format, filesystem and files
17:11:36kakaszszbootloader should be loading rockbox from the card but it won't work with the new one - it wont boot from it
17:12:02kakaszszit boots rockbox from internal flash
17:12:08kakaszszbut the sdcard is visible with all the files etc
17:13:00kakaszszany clues as to what could be the issue?
17:13:36kakaszszi compared fdisk -l and file -< /dev/sd?? output and i cant tell the difference other than sector numbers obvs
17:40:57kakaszszhrm... reinstalled the bootloader and rockbox with rbutil and it works now \_O_/
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21:49:37chris_samachronic: re I've noticed trailing whitespace isn't stripped anymore, which may break themes where the author wasn't careful about that in their .cfg file.
21:49:46chris_sMaybe I'm the only one who made that mistake in their own themes... *cough* :D
21:49:54chris_sJust checking if that was changed on purpose or not.
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